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Kadikalesi Holidays

Kadikalesi is located in the south western part of Turkey and is a wonderful village set beside the beach, surrounded by citrus groves. It has managed to retain a really authentic Turkish atmosphere. The beach is sandy and is the main attraction of this ideal place in which to relax and unwind during your holiday. Accommodation ranges from luxurious hotels through to self catering apartments or villas – the choice is entirely yours.

The nearest airport to Kadikalesi is Bodrum Airport which is some 70 kilometres away. Flights from the UK are provided by many carriers, amongst which are Turkish Airlines, BA and Thomas Cook. Although package holidays remain popular, many holidaymakers prefer to make their own travel arrangements and there are budget flights to be found if you are prepared to search

Getting There

The flying time to Bodrum from the UK varies between four and five hours depending on your departure airport. A UK passport valid for at least three months is required to gain entry into Turkey, along with a visa which can be purchased when you arrive. The current fee for this visa is approximately £13 (at the time of writing) and your passport will be stamped with a current visa at Bodrum Airport. Transfer to your final destination from the airport will usually be via coach if you are travelling with a tour company on a package holiday but there are taxis available for other travellers.

Kadikalesi is approximately four kilometres north of Turgutreis but it is an entirely different resort to its near neighbour which is a lively place buzzing both day and night. Holidays in Kadikalesi are most relaxing as the main attraction is the outstanding beach, around which many bars and tavernas cling to the shore with their tables and chairs spreading out on to the beach itself. To accompany the many cocktails and local wines on offer are a wide variety of fresh fish dishes as well as the amazing meze for which the Turkish bars and restaurants are famous. How enticing to dine at the side of the azure sea surrounded by stunning countryside whilst sipping your favourite tipple.

There are the remains of a castle at the top of the hill and the walk is well worth taking as the views are superb. When you arrive at the top you will learn a little of the village's history. In the Ottoman era, the local judge lived here in the castle and, when translated, the word "Kadikalesi" literally means "judge's castle". There is also an old Greek church which dates back to the Roman times, boasting original engravings on top of the doorway.

The dolmus is the local mode of transport in Turkey and is an economical way to get around. Wherever you are, if you see a dolmus approaching, just raise your arm and the driver will stop to pick you up. You will be amazed at just how many people can fit into one of these vehicles and even more amazed at the fact that the driver never misses a fare!


Shoppers will doubtless be keen to take a dolmus from Kadikalesi to nearby Turgutreis where they will be surprised at the number of souvenir shops, jewellery outlets and boutiques selling copies of designer clothing. Turgutreis is a lively resort with a modern marina and it also hosts the largest Saturday market in this particular area. Haggling is a necessary part of shopping in Turkey and once you have haggled a couple of times you will be surprised at how easy and entertaining it can be. Both shopkeepers and market stall holders will tell you they cannot survive on the prices you are offering but after some good natured bargaining from all parties, a deal will invariably be struck. The gold jewellery in Turkey is extremely good value and you will be surprised at just how attractive some of the designs are and how helpful the staff are here.

A dolmus can also take you further afield into Bodrum which is a really busy place with lots of retail therapy on offer including bazaars as well as an historic castle to visit. Some of the streets in Bodrum are lined with clubs and the atmosphere is really buzzing with excellent nightlife for any partygoers in your group.

Kadikalesi is the ideal spot to take a relaxing holiday in wonderful surroundings with lots of friendly and helpful people but it has the benefit of nearby Turgutreis to provide a livelier atmosphere if and when it is required.

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