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Xpu-ha Holidays in Mexico

Xpu-ha is situated 43km south from Playa del Carmen in the Quintana Roo region of Mexico. Make the most of the secluded location by spending a day or two relaxing on the beautiful beaches along the coast line but make sure to take plenty of sunscreen as in the height of summer it can regularly soar into the mid 30s.

Xpu-ha's main attraction is its natural beauty, secluded location and great weather – a gem in the middle of a jungle, as it offers spectacular beach views and wonderful natural wildlife to take in. The area is a purpose built resort so it has all the amenities you could need and there are a number of tours to take in that are well recommended.

Bahia Divers offer great scuba diving lessons to all ages and abilities. The service is superb and before you know it you will be diving in sites such as the Yucatun cenotes and the Cozumel. To see the most of the underwater life take a dive into the ocean and see what lurks beneath. Bahia Divers offer competitive prices and flexibility with group or individual bookings.

The resort boasts its own zoo and eco farm, complete with flamingos, turtles, monkeys, crocodiles and many more. For any group travelling with children this is a great afternoon out.

There are daily bus trips leaving for Playa del Carmen and Adventura Cove. The trips are both under an hour and are an excellent afternoon out in the more traditional tourist destinations that they both are. Take the opportunity to explore and pick up those holiday gifts.

Xpu-ha is some way off the beaten path so you are reliant on the hotel entertainment at night. The food is good with beach grills taking place daily, bar snacks on hand and a wide selection of food available in the restaurants to satisfy even the pickiest of palates. Banana flambé is a must whilst staying here. The hotels run evening shows, from casino themes, magicians, fire breathers, nothing too outlandish but enough to satisfy the audience. The majority of the activity takes place during the day so use the opportunity to see as much as you can and use the evenings to relax and recharge otherwise you will find yourself disappointed at the lack of options.

Depending on where you fly to there are a number of options to get to Xpu-ha. From Playa del Carmen there is a regular bus that takes you down highway 307 to within walking distance of the hotels and beach. If you are coming from Cancun the trip will be longer as you have 90km to cover. The good thing is that you will be on the same bus so catch any that travels south along highway 307. The resort overall is small and an ideal way to get around is to rent a bicycle, each hotel stocks them and they cost virtually nothing to hire. There are regular buses to Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Adventura so there is no need to rent a car.

Xpu-ha is a quiet, idyllic holiday destination off the beaten Mexican path on the edge of a thriving and vibrant jungle. If you need to relax and unwind this is the place for you.