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Xcaret Holidays in Mexico

Xcaret is tourist park built around a Mayan archaeological site off the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean coast in Mexico. Historically the area is rich and was home to the Pre-Columbian Maya who used the region as a trading point and port. Many parts of the original site are preserved in the tourist eco park development that now occupies the region.

There is a wealth of activity to fit into a day here and you will be spoilt for choice. Many of the activities take place in the water. Snuba diving is very popular in the area and is a cross between snorkelling and scuba diving. Instead of having a wet suit and breathing tank your equipment is based around a snorkelling mask with a long tube to the surface. You can dive to a depth of 7 metres and it is a fun option for anyone with young children who may have reservations about scuba diving.

For the braver swimmers take in the shark tour where you can swim, feed and even pet the peaceful sharks that occupy the water. The sharks are trained to interact with visitors so you are sure of an enjoyable experience. Something a little less daunting is swimming with the dolphins.

Above water there are plenty of beautiful lagoons to relax in or take a trip in a boat down Paradise River and see what jungle wildlife you can spot. Take in one of the great equestrian shows that run throughout the day and see why Mexico has a rich history of great horsemen.

The evening Xcaret Mexico Espectacular is definitely an unforgettable show. Each evening the Gran Tlachco stage will host over 250 artists who will take you on a journey through the history and celebration of Mexico. The show begins when the sun goes down and you will know as you will hear the call of the drums as they invite you to take part. The opening will take you through the past of Mexican's Mayan warriors. You will then encounter Mexican traditions, from ball games to instruments, take in the Conquest of Mexico before enjoying an intermission. Restock your drinks and get yourself comfortable as you will be overwhelmed with a second half of dancing, colour and music as the regional dances of Mexico are shown to all. You can even book a meal to enjoy whilst watching the show, but make sure to do this in advance as places fill up quickly.

The park is open from 8.30 to 10pm in the summer and is 35 miles south of Cancun Airport and four miles south of Playa del Carmen. From Cancun there is a dedicated bus service from the Xcaret bus terminal running throughout the day. From Playa del Carmen buses leave from the dock and you will be looking to get onboard the number 41 or 42. If you want to enjoy more than a single day look into getting a 2 day pass as the second day is half price.

For anyone visiting Playa del Carmen or Cancun, Xcaret is unmissable. Even if you get there at opening time there is more to do than is possible to fit in one day and it is a thoroughly enjoyable day out for all ages.