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Bugibba Holidays

Malta is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea just south of Italy and that is where the coastal town of Bugibba is located. Heavy tourist traffic is normal for the town of Bugibba, where the majority of roads are bound for the coast. With just 13 km between Valetta (the capital) and Bugibba, transportation is available primarily through the countries bus Line.

Service is available from Bugibba to Medina, Rabat, Cirkkewa and Valetta. Buses terminate service around eight thirty at night therefore you should plan to be on the return trip in plenty of time unless you intend to get stranded away from your hotel.

Places to Stay

As you would expect with so many tourists, come many hotels which will be the case in Bugibba. Hotels such as The Primera, The Santa Maria and The Coral, are all reasonably priced (for the most part) and could start anywhere from twenty dollars up to three hundred dollars per night, depending on season and availability.

If you prefer, you may book with one of the islands "self serve" apartment buildings which start at around fifteen dollars per night. These apartments are not designed for luxury but do come furnished and equipped with most of the amenities that you would need while on holiday, such as stove, fridge, cooking utensils, television, Iron/ironing board and swimming pool.

If your love is for the automobile, you may wish to visit the Classic Car Museum. Their selection of classic cars extend at least fifty years and include "The mini cooper", "The Jaguar", "The Ferrari", "The MG", "The Triumph" and many more. If on the other hand your love is for the wildlife you should visit "the medittereana park" where there are Sea Lion shows, Parrots that entertain and for a "must do" you could swim with the Dolphins.

Should your preference be of an adventurous nature, why not visit one or more of the thirteen towers scattered around Bugibba, including the Qawra for a spectacular view of the water.

On a hot day, a boat trip to Comino and the Blue Grotto on the clear Mediterranean sea, is just what the doctor ordered to cool you down, finally bring your day to a close with a movie of your choice at "The Empire" cinema complex.


Unless you plan on doing much of your own cooking on your visit to Bugibba, a large part of your holiday will be spent in restaurants where you would expect to receive the service and pampering you have grown accustomed to. And in this department Bugibba aims to please with cuisine's ranging from five star to fast food, Maltese, Italian, McDonald's, Chinese, you name it and Bugibba probably has it.

If it is your desire to continue your holiday and include "people watching", "Mirabelle restaurant" will suffice, with prices ranging from eight to fifteen Euro dollars depending on your taste and that taste at Mirabelle is decidedly local. For a more middle eastern palette, or Turkish Fast Food as they liked to be called "Mr Kebab" may be more your speed.

What "Mr Kebab" lacks in accommodation, he more than makes up for in customer service and quality. Located on Tourist street (go figure) "Time Out" caters primarily for lunch crowds and proudly offers great service, food and surprisingly reasonable prices generally under nine Euro.

For a quiet evening out (just the two of you), take it to the "Mal'et where you will be pleasantly surprised with lower than average prices and service that some might say is unmatched. This Bugibba restaurant provides a local menu that includes Rabbit and ranges from eight to seventeen Euro.


After a fun day at the beach or any of the other activities mentioned before, some of you maybe just about ready for bed, however, you are on holiday and there is still shopping to take care of, so upon completion of a fantastic dinner you may head for the shops which, as fate would have it, are open late just for you.

If your shopping is already finished, or your list is too small (or too long) or maybe you just do not wish to be bothered, it is time to enjoy the nightlife offered by Bugibba, and there is a lot of it. Leave the car (if you happen to have a rental) and walk as you will probably be having a few too many once the night has ended.

Beer drinkers, be advised that "Malta Beer" is plentiful and very reasonably priced, while imported beer is available it is naturally a bit more expensive. For the wine connoisseur, the bars and clubs in Bugibba aim to please with a decent selection of high quality and reasonably priced wines. Should your taste in alcohol be a little more exquisite, mixed drinks (and soft drinks) are available at many pubs and clubs.

Now that we have addressed the refreshments how about some entertainment to go along with those drinks? Murphy's Irish Pub offers live music, darts and a pool table to keep you entertained, however, should you prefer to watch a movie, that too can be arranged with their convenient "movie room" in the basement.

Another entertaining alternative is people watching, which can be indulged at several Kiosk bars located on the promenade. Depending on your age group, for a change of pace Bugibba also offers "the Shadow Lounge" catering for a more exquisite crowd and (foaming) "Freeze"which caters for the younger crowd.

A Word of Advice

With its many activities and amenities, Bugibba will be a fun holiday spot for anyone wishing to venture to the Mediterranean, however, while we have touched on the do's maybe we should touch on the don't s so here are a few. Bugibba is very strict on marijuana and drug use, the legal drinking age is 17, don't get caught.

The island of Malta and the City of Bugibba are prepared to extend every affordable hospitality you could imagine, so while you are partying and enjoying yourself, remember that this is their home, please obey their laws.