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Bambolim Holidays

Bambolim Beach luxuriates at the foot of the lush green Sirdao Hills on the north Goan coast. It has a reputation of being one of the cleanest beaches in Goa. It's seductively hidden away from the rest of the mainland at the mouth of the Zuari River, which gives a delicious air of seclusion about it. However, its close proximity to other resorts and attractions makes it an ideal base for exploring this delightful coastline of India.

Its lovely beach is comparatively small and tends to be more popular with locals than tourists. The peace and tranquility, the swaying palms and splash of waves can easily lull you into thinking you have reached paradise. The beach is strewn with broken mother-of-pearl and other shells and is a favourite for shell collectors. The sea in this sheltered bay is gentle and warm and perfect for swimming in. Sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving are also ideal activities to enjoy in the wonderful Arabian Sea as it laps this magical shore. Alternatively try the Ayurvedic massage centre where you can have any lingering stresses soothed away in a relaxing massage.

The Goa University, a military camp and also a Medical College are found in Bambolim. On the hillside between the two is the entrance to the beach, an approach way that is easily missed. Bambolim Beach is 7km from the capital city of Panjim and transfer times from the international airport are only 30mins. There are also rail connections at Karmali Railway Station, only 12km away. It's worth considering hiring your own transport, either a bike or car, due to its relative remoteness, if you want to ensure you can come and go as you please. Taxis can be a great alternative and are readily available, but if you are relying on them for all your excursions then you can very easily see your spending money go down. There are buses that stop at Bambolim Beach from Panaji and Vasco but be warned they don't cover the whole area.

The local parish church near the western side of the beach is known as Our Lady of Belem (Bethlehem). The little hill where this very old church stands is known as 'Orte de Vigar' or Padigaracho Dongor. You will often see locals praying there with their rosaries or at the Bambolim Cross or 'Fulancho Kuris' (cross of flowers) which is often festooned with garlands given in gratitude for prayers answered.

Dotted along the coastline, beach shacks serve delicious and exotic local Goan delicacies. The seafood is exquisite and can be as delicate or as spicy as you wish. You might sample delicious barbecued food whilst sitting round a bonfire or enjoy tasting the local 'palm feni' - a potent drink made from the sap of the coconut palm. Near the National Institute of Oceanography is a restaurant called The White House which serves excellent seafood with a stunning view over the beach.

For escaping the world for a piece of paradise, the beach at Bambolim will certainly make you want to stay and dream. Stroll along the beach, marvel at the breathtaking sunsets and wish upon the stars and make dreams reality.