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Sissi in Crete

Situated on the coast of eastern Crete, just 45km east of Heraklion, Sissi boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in Greece. In contrast to other touristic holiday spots, Sissi has a calm and relaxing feel, instead of the upbeat, busy persona usually expected of a tourist attraction. The season extends from Easter until October and you can expect temperatures of between twenty and thirty degrees during this time. Unlike other destinations, Sissi is popular with people of all ages and is particularly popular with families and couples.

Sissi is only a 50 minute drive from Heraklion Airport, meaning that it is within easy reach whether you wish to drive there yourself or get a taxi to your hotel.

Although Sissi is not a tourist destination as such, you will still be able to find a small number of gift shops in which to purchase gifts or souvenirs from your trip. There are also a small number of supermarkets which are available for anything that you should need during your stay, but you are advised to check on the opening times of these when you arrive, so that you are aware of when it is possible to make a purchase.

Most of the hotels in the area are placed along one main road leading to the coast, but once you get to the port at the end of the road, any traffic or noise which you might have experienced before is no longer present. Because of this, parking is limited, so if you wish to take a vehicle, you may have to park it outside of the port and then complete your journey on foot.

During the Cretan Revolution, this port was used for unloading guns and munition, as it is so hidden from anyone both on the mainland and out at sea. In the modern day, the bay remains popular with local fisherman, who catch fish for the local restaurants and taverns.

Things to Do

If you wish to visit the beach, you will discover that it is unique. Because of its positioning in relation to the sea, the water is always calm and the weather ensures that it remains clear and warm. Sunbeds are also available to rent here for a small daily charge, which is certainly worth paying if you plan to visit the beach for a full day during your stay in Sissi.

Other activities which are popular in the area are swimming, diving, snorkelling, hiking and cycling. Bikes are available to hire for the day at a reasonable price and there are many beautiful routes around the area.

If you are interested in the history of Sissi, the caves in Milatos are well worth a visit. In addition to this, Saint George's Monastery is also a point of interest. There are day trips to most of these places, along with trips to some larger towns in the area, so it is well worth keeping a look out for these when you get to Sissi.

Places To Stay

There is, without a doubt, an extremely wide range of hotels in Sissi, most of which are located on the main road. Three of the most popular hotels are the Sissi Bay Hotel, Alexandros and the Palm Bay Hotel. These offer a wide variety of rooms, along with stunning views of the surrounding area. Most of the hotels in the area are small and run by families, meaning that all ages will be made welcome.

Nightlife/Eating Out

Sissi provides many taverns and bars for both daytime and evening meals. In contrast to the UK, restaurants in Sissi consider an evening meal to be an important affair which should last all evening, so the service will be a little slower than you are used to. This, however, is a positive sign in Sissi and is an indication that the staff wish for you to enjoy your meal. Children's portions are available at most of the restaurants too and they will always be made welcome. Many of the restaurants overlook the sea, meaning that you are able to enjoy the stunning views whilst you are eating your meal. If you wish to enjoy a light meal during the day, you should try meze, which is similar to tapas in Spain. You can expect to find things such as pickles, fish and olives in such places. Although there are no clubs in the area, you are able to get a taxi to Malia, where you will be able to find nightclubs which stay open until the early hours of the morning.

No matter how old you are, or what your tastes, Sissi is sure to offer something for you. It provides a refreshing change to the usual busy tourist attraction and will give you a wonderful relaxing holiday.