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Myrtos in Crete

Just 14km away from Lerapetra, this popular tourist destination has only 600 local inhabitants. The modern village dates from the beginning of the twentieth century. Before that, it was mainly used as a port to transport local goods to the nearby areas. The main season runs from Easter through to October, but most tourists visit during July and August. The average temperature for this time is around 30 degrees. It is warmer than the north, as the winds are blocked by the Dikti Mountain which towers over the village. The locals are all very friendly and the majority of them are able to speak good English, meaning that they are able to answer any questions that you may wish to ask during your stay. They are grateful to the tourists for bringing their trade to the village, as Myrtos was a rather poor place before tourists started to visit at the latter end of the 20th century.

The Village

Although small, the village still contains two supermarkets, souvenir shops, a jewellery shop and a bakery. In addition to this, the village offers many small cafes and taverns which are perfect for a relaxing drink or an afternoon snack.

Where To Stay

There are not many places to stay in Myrtos as it is so small, however, there are a few hotels which all boast wonderful views of the surrounding areas. There are also some apartments and studios which are available to rent if you prefer a more self serving holiday. It is worth finding information about all options open to you with regards to accommodation, as finding the right place to stay is crucial if you are to have an enjoyable trip.

What To Do

In the village, there is a small museum dedicated to local history which is well worth a visit. There are a lot of nature spots to visit too, from the green valleys to the hills, which in spring are covered in orange blossom. Fishing and boating are also popular activities in this area; however, the most popular spot is Myrtos Beach.

The Beach

Myrtos Beach is widely known to be one of the five top beaches in the world. It is made up from small white pebbles and is easily accessed from the paved road all the way down to the shore. There is also an interesting cave at the end of the beach, but it is advised that you take care, as rocks have been known to fall down from the cliffs. This shouldn't be a problem in the main sunbathing area, as it is well away from the cliff edge. Swimming is a pleasant experience here, however, care must be taken when getting in and out of the water, as the shore drops away quickly and small children may find themselves out of their depth. Once you are in the water, the temperature is pleasant and you will be able to swim for a fair distance. Please be aware that the beach often has large waves in the afternoon, so it is advised to swim only when the weather is calm. If you want a relaxing drink, the beach bar offers drinks and snacks in comfort as you overlook the beach.

Eating Out/Nightlife

There are plenty of places to eat out in Myrtos. As well as the restaurants, there are also smaller cafes which offer a more relaxed atmosphere. Children are always welcome and will be provided with a portion of food which is suitable for them. Be aware that relaxed service is commonplace in Crete and this is not to be confused with slow or uncaring staff. All staff in the restaurants are very friendly and will be able to help you with anything that you might need.

With regards to nightlife, Myrtos is not as intense as other towns or cities in Crete. However, the restaurants and bars do provide some music and entertainment during the evenings, along with quiet places to sit and chat to your family or friends. If you wish for a more lively nightlife experience, you may wish to consider travelling into a nearby town. It is advised that you plan your journey home before you leave, as some of the travel options are no longer available after certain times.

Whether you are interested in relaxing on the beach or walking through beautiful countryside, Myrtos is the perfect holiday destination for couples, families and families with young children. The beach is certainly worth a visit and is highly regarded by everyone who does.