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Ammoudara in Crete

Ammoudara is located on Crete's north coast, only a few kilometres from the buzzing capital of Heraklion. Ammoudara is a modern and bustling tourist resort, situated alongside the island's sandy beaches, the best of which stretches for over five kilometres along the shoreline. Being close to the capital and also to Knossos, there are a huge number of activities and sightseeing opportunities, as long as plenty of leisure, sports and relaxation opportunities for holidaymakers.

Reasons To Visit Ammoudara

Ammoudara is a beautiful holiday destination, particularly good for families and groups and it suits those looking for quiet and lively holidays alike. It is famous for its golden beaches and extremely long sunlight hours and the waters are particularly good - clear and calm seas which offer good opportunities for watersports such as jet-skiing, sailing, surfing and diving.

There is a bustling town centre and excellent nightlife, with lively bars and excellent restaurants and tavernas offering delicious local food. The nightlife tends to appeal to the younger visitors who can enjoy drinks and dancing in a friendly and safe environment and families and couples tend to stay nearer the beach's more tranquil spots - there are many excellent hotels and accommodations to suit all budgets and requirements.

The best time to visit is in summer and the tourist season runs from Easter-time to October, with a temperature of between 20-30 degrees and glorious sunshine. Ammoudara is also lovely out of season too for those who prefer a quieter holiday, although some of the tourist attractions may be shut, there are great opportunities for enjoying the restaurants and bars that are usually reserved for locals and there will be fewer other tourists about - ideal for a quiet and relaxing stay.

Things To Do And See

The beach is of course the main attraction of this tourist resort and it is a splendid one - very long, very sandy and surrounded by gorgeous azure waters which are ideal for swimming in or enjoying watersports. The beach is a perfectly safe spot for families and there are many sports facilities alongside, including snorkelling and diving providers, walks, cycle routes and more.

Alongside the beach, the front is lined with tourist attractions such as tavernas, cafes, bars and hotels which provide refreshments, food and drink and entertainment throughout the day. They switch to providing music, dancing and cocktails when the evening crowd arrives for the night ahead. There are also a good range of tourist shops as well as corner shops and small supermarkets for families and groups staying in self catering appartments.

Places to visit include Heraklion - the capital - which is just a short bus journey away and the archaeological site at Knossos where King Minos's palace has been excavated, with the 3.5 thousand year old ruins now on display for visitors and displaying all the glory and splendor of the ancient Greeks. You can even see frescoes that once decorated the palace walls in the museum. There are other beaches along the coast which are also worth exploring, as are the rich olive vineyards and small beautiful villages inland - it is worth getting a hire car to make it easy to get around and there are plenty of hire car outlets in and around Ammoudara.


There are a great range of options for foodies visiting Ammoudara! The town offers everything from fine dining to fast food outlets, with local and international cuisines. Greek meze is ideal for snacking or enjoying a varied meal, with delicious small dishes of halloumi, olives, roasted vegetables and small fried fish for example. The local food is particularly good, with the freshest of ingredients and meals are enjoyed at leisure and as a social occasion. Children are welcomed in the restaurants and their tastes are well catered for. The trick is to get used to the slower pace of serving food - there will often be gaps between courses which seem odd to English visitors, but which are simply there to help you enjoy the experience in a non-rushed way and get the most from each course.


Dinner in Crete tends to be eaten later than in the UK, so the nightlife tends to kick off after dinner at 8 or 9pm. Drinks are plentiful in the tavernas and there will often be live music and other entertainments. The clubs and bars tend to get busy from around 11pm and there are various good ones in the town centre and along the seafront.

Getting There And Travelling Around The Area

Ammoudara is close to the capital of Heraklion and to the airport, so there is only a short transfer time and the airport offers both coaches, buses and hire cars for visitors. Ammoudara is also located close to a port, which again offers easy access to excursions and day trips.