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Almeritha in Crete

The tiny fishing hamlet of Almeritha is situated around 45 minutes drive away from Chania and is becoming very popular with tourists who are looking for something quieter and more peaceful. It is situated directly on the coast and has lovely sandy beaches surrounding it and a small working fishing harbour where fishermen go out to haul their nets every day in colourful small boats. The village is surrounded by glorious orange and olive groves and the wider area is unspoilt, relatively undeveloped and wholly charming - which is why it was chosen to be part of the backdrop for the film 'Zorba the Greek'.

Almeritha isn't a place you visit for an active or noisy holiday, but it is ideal for relaxing and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can relax in the tavernas and bars in the village and walk around the narrow streets. There are a small selection of local shops and souvenir stalls which sell the famous local honey and other treats such as olive oil and local wines. You can also enjoy wonderful fresh fish - try the swordfish - and enjoy beautiful wines and local spirits, all amongst friendly and welcoming local company.

The village does attract more tourists each year, but still has the charm and feel of a small working fishing village and the locals do still rely on the sea and land for their main incomes.

Things To See And Do

Sit back and relax! One of the main attractions of Almeritha is the wonderful local tavernas which offer incredible local Greek food with fresh fish caught on the day. Try the delicious Meze - similar to Spanish tapas - lots of small dishes of local delicacies such as olives, roasted vegetables, small fried whitebait with delicious dips, seafood stews and slowcooked meats and beans, all served with plenty of pittas and dips. The prices are excellent and a good tip is to go to the tavernas that the locals visit for the ultimate in great food.

The basic activities to enjoy are sunbathing, shopping, walking and eating - so it's a good idea to hire a bike or a car and go to visit the wonderful countryside around. There are many lush fruit and olive groves to admire and other small villages each with their own special charm and feel. The white mountains and hills are an incredible backdrop and there is plenty of coastline to explore. If you are searching for something a little livelier, head to the town of Chania which offers more shopping, bars, clubs and waterfront cafes too.


Another wonderful feature of the village is the locals. There may not be many bars, but the ones that are there will welcome you time and time again, regaling you with stories of their village, Cretan culture and local histories - you will find yourself being plied with shots and beers and enjoying fine hospitality at its best. Enjoy some of the local wines, they are incredibly good and there's nothing finer than enjoying a good vintage on a warm evening. There aren't any clubs in Almeritha as the village really wasn't built for tourists, but you will find you can wile away very pleasant evenings in the restaurants and bars, talking to the locals and meandering back to your room at the end. If you do fancy a more lively night out then head to nearby Chania which has a bustling nightlife for tourists and some great bars and clubs.

Where To Stay

There are a few hotels in Almeritha, but the ones that are there are very welcoming and of good quality. You will find that they aren't crowded as the resort is still developing. There are some self catering appartments but the small amount on offer means that it's wise to book ahead rather than hope for some last minute bargains as you can with larger resorts.

Getting There And Travelling Around The Area

The airport of Heraklion serves the island and has various bus and coach transfers available, that run regularly to the towns and resorts of Crete. If you are staying in one of the larger hotels or complexes you may find that a pick-up can be arranged. Otherwise car hire is a good option - there are many booths at the airport including well known names such as Hertz and you will find that having a car offers you the freedom to explore the locality on day trips without being reliant on public transport, which is less frequent at night time particularly.