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Soma Bay Holidays

Make a getaway to Soma Bay located on the coastline of the lovely Red Sea Riviera in Egypt and enjoy a holiday like none you have experienced before in this all inclusive community. Soma Bay is easily accessible from the Hurghada International Airport which is not too far away and the fact that it is a mere three hours away from the large town of Luxor, makes it easy for one to take a day excursion. Soma Bay is oozing with enchanting beaches wherever you go and not to mention beautiful natural attractions. The weather in Soma Bay is also welcoming as it favours a summer-like temperature with low humidity throughout the year while winters are cool and tolerable.

If you are looking for the history of Soma Bay, then you would have a hard time accessing this information since there are several theories that are out there. What is known is that the city was once known as Ras Abou Soma with the Arabic words Ras Abou meaning cape and father. The name Soma was never defined although most speculate that it was named after a hallucinogenic plant that grew in India.

Soma Bay is luxurious and a classy place to visit for a holiday with your family or spend some quality time with your spouse. Many would be amazed by the variety of things that they can get to see and do here. Your ultimate relaxation is just an appointment away at the resort’s spa which is touted as the top spas in Egypt. The resort also boasts of having an 18-hole golf course. Because of being surrounded by water, Soma Bay is the perfect place for scuba diving as well as other sports which include wind surfing and kite surfing to name a few. Kite surfing is actually big in Soma Bay and is the most popular place to go kite surfing since the winds are higher than in other resorts on the Red Sea coastline. In addition, Soma Bay is also known for having several great diving sites and diving centres that are equipped with diving gears and instructors who can teach the travelling beginner.

If diving is not for you then you can always play a game of tennis or squash at one of the resort’s hotels. Sightseeing is three hours away in Luxor and one can go there to visit the ancient gems such as the Valley of the Kings and Queens and the temples that are there.

Things to do in Soma Bay

There is nothing like a great holiday in a land that is steep in history. Imagine a land where there are so many activities going on that sight-seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. From the outset Soma Bay in Egypt entices the eyes and appeal to senses with its phenomenal beaches, brilliant green golf course and resorts that cater to your every whim and fancy.

For those travelling to Soma Bay, when you get there you would find yourself dividing your time either on the sea where there is a series of water sports like diving and kite surfing or you may end up in the desert listening to stories of the Bedouin culture among other things. No matter where you decide to go, fun is already a guarantee. If you decide to get involved in a few water type sporting activities, one of the more popular places you should try is upmarket. This area is brimming with coral reefs aplenty as a steady population of sea creatures such as turtles, eels and eagle rays can be found there.

Also Soma Bay also has a wealth of sporting activities at the resorts and one can get a team together and make it a fun night by playing anything from darts, to tennis and even water polo to name a few.

The resorts here also offer the closest thing to nighttime entertainment that you would ever find in Soma Bay. Here the party atmosphere is a little bit more low-keyed especially when compared to nearby Hurghada.

There is a variety of restaurants in Soma Bay and they can found at a place known as El Khan which overlooks the Marsa Tubya marina. El Khan ideally consists of roadside cafes which allow you to have both great ambience and an exceptional meal. For a wider variety in culinary delights you would have to then visit the restaurants that are located throughout the city. But if you are craving a wide variety of culinary delights then visit one of the many resort restaurants.

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