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Sharm El Sheikh Holidays

Sharm el Sheikh (commonly known as Sharm) is one of the leading holiday spots in Egypt. With a location that holds a spectacular view of the Gulf of Aqaba and situated south of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh offers visitors a superb combination of history, entertainment, beauty and relaxation. The history behind Sharm el Sheikh is one that could well be equated to a “rags to riches” story.

Some 40 years ago Sharm el-Sheikh was known as a fishing town with less than 100 residents living there. The Israelites once occupied the land at one point and they are the ones who have been praised for developing the entire Sinai region to the point of making it a tourist attraction. The work the Israelites had done was incomplete and so when they moved to another area, the Egyptians continued the work that they started and continued persistent work until completion.

Today, the population in Sharm el-Sheikh is phenomenal at approximately 10,000 residents and not to mention the large amount of tourists that the area draws everyday. Sharm el Sheikh is made up of three sections which include Ras Um Sid Cliff, Sharm El Maya and Na’ama Bay. Each section offers something that is unique and vital to complete the town of Sharm el-Sheik. For instance Na’ama Bay is the perfect spot for those late night diners and party seekers while some of the best beaches and top rating hotels can be found in Sharm El Maya.

These two locations are linked by Ras Um Sid Cliff. It is worth mentioning that the weather in Sharm el-Sheikh is sunny year round and this makes it delightful to get out and enjoy what the town has to offer. For shopping it is hard to resist the variety of items available in Naama Bay. There is a broad walk in Naama Bay which has a breathtaking beach view. It is here that visitors can get a range of Egyptian items such as fragrances, fabrics, mats and rugs and even jewelry.

The items bought are VAT free and although they are somewhat expensive one can always talk their way into a cheaper price. Guided tours in Sharm el Sheikh is a must and depending on where you stay these tours are usually included in your travel package. Imagine taking a camel ride to various rural parts of Sharm el-Sheik and the rest of Egypt. The vicinity of the El Aat Mountain is said to be a popular tour location and this is because the area behind the mountain is filled with a rich history of the Bedouins in Egypt. Most tourists would be intrigued by some of the Bedouin stories that they would hear.

Not to be outdone would be a tour up Mount Sinai, an area steeped in Biblical history. As the story goes, Mount Sinai is where Moses got transported the tablets of the Ten Commandments. Mount Sinai is also the location for the St. Catherine’s Monastery, an old church that still holds several artifacts linked to the church.

Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

Whenever the country Egypt is mention, one quickly conjures up images of pyramids, tombs and desert lands. Most would be surprised to know that Egypt offers so much more than the aforementioned for certain times of the day life is literally a beach where one can sit and soak up some sun, sand and surf. Sharm el Sheikh in particular is one of the gems of Egypt, a town that is frequented by tourists who want the rich history and Bedouin culture without compromising what they are used to while home in their country.

Regular patrons of Hard Rock Café would be thrilled to find a franchise in Egypt. Even some of the Internationally-known fast food restaurants have set up shop in Egypt to cater to the growing amount of visitors there on holiday.

Simply put, Sharm el-Sheik offers something for everyone. With diving spots aplenty, there is really no end to the many places that you can go to explore the underwater world. Divers to these underwater locations would not only be able to see the colourful coral reefs in abundance but there are also ship wrecks at the bottom of the sea. Life underwater can also be seen from a glass-bottom boat ride.

Even if you do not know anything about diving, you can learn from one of the diving schools also located in Sharm El Sheikh. Lessons are also offered in sailing, windsurfing and even parasailing. The quiet and reserved visitor would enjoy a good game of golf with friends if only to get better at their swing while the more adventurous one would visit deserts and other historical sights on board a camel, quad or jeep. Naama Bay is the shopping capital of Sharm el-Sheik for one can locate several shopping spots here some of which are made up of bazaars and markets which line the markets good shopping facilities, traditional markets, and the easily-accessed Boardwalk there.

In Naama Bay the town offers many entertainment choices hold your attention at nights. Dance clubs and casinos are just a few of the places that you can go to get more than your holiday money’s worth. At the restaurants and a few cafes the menus range from Lebanese to Indian as well as local and International cuisine. And if you are not completely sure about a dish you may wish to eat, you can always sample some before the buy as it is customary to do in Sharm el Sheikh. Finally aside from beer, freshly squeezed guava is a favourite with everyone who tries it and the drink is highly recommended. Guava juice is like nothing you have tasted; its tangy flavor being overruled by its sweetness is a delightful mix.

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