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Sharks Bay Holidays

Scuba divers have been known to gravitate to Shark’s Bay for their holiday in Egypt for the simple reason that the resort town is a predominant diving hub. As one of the towns that make up Sharm el-Sheik, Shark’s Bay is conveniently located some 8km from the Sharm el-Sheik airport. Small in size with a depth of 30 to 85 feet, the size of Shark’s Bay does not compromise how weighty the neighborhood is as far as tourism is concerned. Even for non-divers Shark’s Bay offers some much needed tranquility and gives true meaning to the reference of a lazy town.

So that means that if you are a person who likes a vibrant nightlife filled with partying and bar hopping then you are definitely in the wrong place. You would therefore need to take a shuttle for a drive 10 minutes away to neighbouring Naama Bay. Naama Bay is also the place to go for shopping as vendors occupy the walk promenade with everything to sell including jewelry to clothing and authentic Egyptian souvenirs. But it is not this way in Shark’s Bay.

When you are in Shark’s Bay time seems to stand still especially when you are enjoying hours of sea-bathing and soaking in some brilliant sunshine in order to get a tan. The weather in Shark’s Bay is conducive to staying outdoors all day but travel advisors do recommend that the best times to visit Shark’s Bay is during the months of April and November. Even in the winter months, the water temperature is never too cold for one to enjoy water activities. Scuba divers visiting Shark’s Bay are in for an underwater treat as there are many colourful coral reefs and several species of fish that are worth seeing. And if you are not an experienced diver but want to learn, there are lots of diving schools on the resort where you can locate a tutor and learn more about it.

With diving aside, there are many hotels and holiday apartments for accommodation and they offer in-house amenities for you to also pass the time away. There are spas, pools and activities for the children as well as live entertainment. From your hotel you can arrange a guided tour to other parts of scenic and historic Egypt. The pyramids in Cairo, The Sphinx and even the burial spot for Pharaoh Tutankhamen are great places to take away a great bit of history knowledge.

Things to do in Sharks Bay

What’s a tourist to do when in Shark’s Bay in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt? The answer is to enjoy every bit of the serenity that the small resort offers. Life is a beach as they say in Shark’s Bay and those with a penchant for water sporting activities would love it here. Most people who have visited Shark’s Bay have vowed to return on a regular basis. To them Shark’s Bay is like a little hideaway where it is very easy to relax and unwind. Scuba diving is huge here and Shark’s Bay has one of the best diving spots in Egypt.

Spending a day at the beach swimming and sun-tanning is also another popular activity but past visitors to the resort would advise that you take along some shoes to walk around on the sand since you can find pebbles in the sand that are hot from the sun when you step on them. The water in Shark’s Bay is filled with red fish, corals and even without getting too far out in the sea one can see a barracuda and you can’t be at Shark’s Bay without seeing a few sharks in the distance.

A visitor can choose to stay at a hotel or at one of the cabins that are owned by natives. Most of the cabins are situated on the beach and they offer several amenities to appeal to each visitor. Visitors can experience the Bedouin ambience in some of the cabins and one can also find beach bars here. You will also find safari tours here in Shark’s Bay. These tours take the traveler to places like the Sinai desert where they can learn more about the Bedouins and their rich culture.

You can tour the desert either on a jeep or on a camel. There are tours that also take one to other areas in Sharm el-Sheikh including Dahab and St. Catherine’s, the latter which is the oldest church in the world. When hunger steps in you can either dine at one of the restaurants on Shark’s Bay or you can eat at a traditional Bedouin tent. You can almost always find fish on the menu no matter which one of these businesses you go for food and calamari is one of the most requested since it is well flavoured and good in taste. The dining ambience in a few of the outdoor restaurants offer diners a chance to overlook snorkeling and if they are lucky they may get to see a glimpse of some of the fishes that dwell in the sea.

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