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Safaga Holidays

Safaga (Port Safaga or Bur Safaga) sets the stage for a holiday that you definitely would not forget. Located on the Red Sea Coast Safaga is reputed as an excellent place for tourists to visit. Safaga is a small port some 33 miles from the city of Hurghada and it is also the connection point for cruise ships that are journeying to neighbouring cities such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan. In Safaga there is also a road which leads to Qena which is in the upper side of Egypt.

Safaga is known as the exporters of phosphates as there is a large amount of mines in this town. It is also known as the place for fascinating beaches. It is no secret that no matter where you visit in Egypt, the Red Sea coastal locations almost guarantee beautiful beaches. The beaches in Safaga are indeed one of a kind with its rich black sand and highly mineral waters where a casual swim will definitely be therapeutic and do wonders for your skin.

The strong winds that you feel in Safaga is indeed unique to the town so much that Safaga was once the location for the World Windsurfing Championships. Scuba diving is also big in this part of Egypt as well. One of the most popular places to dive is at Tobia Arbaa which boasts of having chain reefs. Not to be outdone are other scenic underwater places where you would find towering reefs in Abu Qifan. In this area it isn’t unusual to see a few sharks and mantas swimming around.

Most of the sporting activities in the entire Red Sea Riviera are held in Safaga and that is because of its predominant summer weather with cool breeze. Aside from windsurfing and scuba diving, kite surfing is also another great sporting activity that is favoured in Safaga. Those who visit Safaga for their cheap holiday have the choice of staying at one of the hotels or at guest houses and bungalows that are available.

When it comes to summer holidays, Safaga offers everything. After you get settled into your hotel when you arrive in Safaga then head out to the Easter desert where you would find Mons Claudianus where there is granite filled areas. Most hotels that you stay at in Safaga would have scheduled tours to other parts of Egypt in Luxor. Finally visit the mineral springs that are also here in Safaga; it has been known to give some relief for skin diseases such as psoriasis and has also helped with rheumatoid arthritis.

Things to do in Safaga

The mark of a great holiday is when every member of your family that is on the trip is able to indulge in their favourite activities without compromise. When you visit Safaga, a town in Egypt, you will find that there is something for everyone to get involved in. Hit the beach for some a refreshing splash of saline water or for relaxation on the black sand dunes that are there. You may even prefer a game of golf to which you can enjoy on the premises of the Cascades Golf Resort and Country Club. Even if you are not a member of the Country Club you are still encouraged to visit and play.

Start exploring Safaga as soon as you can; you have lots of attractions to cover. Locate a Bedouin camp and get ready to hear about the life and times of a Bedouin told by one of the Bedouin natives. A traditional Bedouin historic story gathering usually consists of coffee and tea ceremonies which would take place around a bonfire. The Eastern Desert is also another interesting place to visit and the wadis and dunes here also popular tourist attractions.

A visit to Safaga would not be complete if you do not get out for some shopping. Shopping is truly a delight here as there is always a variety of products to choose from and the atmosphere is definitely a busy one. At these markets one will find everything from souvenir items as well as handcrafted items which include carpets.

You can also purchase food spices here so that you can recreate the Egyptian food experience when you return home. Fruits, food items and drinks are also on sale at these markets. Get a taste of the tropics via the sugarcane and mango juice drinks and when have a hearty meal which consists of Falafel which is a Middle Eastern staple. Falafel is a fried patty that is made from a combination of chickpeas and fava beans. Fava beans are also used to create mini burgers in Safaga.

Finally, if you are looking for night time entertainment, you can still find a few bars and restaurants which serve local and international cuisines. For a variety of live entertainment and other activities you would have to go to one of the larger hotels where you would not only get dance parties but live shows as well as games such as bingo.

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