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Red Sea Riviera Holidays

A chain of majestic resorts called The Red Sea Riviera await you when you book your next holiday to Egypt. It goes without saying that Egypt is more commonly known for its ancient history, some of which are biblical-based and this factor alone draws many visitors to the country on a regular basis. They are also visiting Egypt for a well-deserved holiday at the Red Sea Riviera cities. Red Sea Riviera is situated on the Sinai Peninsula and the resorts occupy the western shoreline of Gulf of Aqaba and it extends all the way to the eastern shoreline in Egypt’s Gulf of Suez.

The Red Sea Riviera consists of over 15 towns and bays and they include Dahab, Sharm-El-Sheikh, Soma Bay and El Gouna to name a few. Each resort offers something different that would appeal to the varied tastes of visitors to the area. The landscape in the Red Sea Riviera is undeniably gorgeous and so too is the marine life there and the Government is doing everything in their power to make sure that it stays that way. Most of the Red Sea Riviera is protect by the laws in Egypt and they apply to both the parks and underwater world here. There are even laws that apply to the desert areas here that all must pay attention to especially if they want to avoid having to pay an enormous fine.

Beaches are in abundance here at the Red Sea Riviera and the water always look enticing that one cannot help but to plunge into the clean waters that are warmed up from the sunshine during the day. Hospitality is at a premium from the natives in the Red Sea Riviera and they are only too happy to offer you directions or to point the way to where you can get good shopping bargains etc. Sharm El-Shiekh is one of the more popular resorts on the coastline as it draws several thousands of holidays each year. The weather is hot especially around summertime but one can look for tolerable conditions when winter comes. Diving is one of the top activities anywhere you may go in Red Sea Riviera; so too are snorkeling and windsurfing. The underwater world in Red Sea Riviera is phenomenal and definitely worth seeing. Don’t forget to check out the shopping areas on Red Sea Riviera if only to take back a piece of the Egypt back home with you.

Things to do in Red Sea Riviera

Go for the gorgeous mountain views, the sprawling sandy beaches but most of all you must visit Red Sea Riviera for the charming resorts. If you were ever an uptight and stressed out person the Red Sea Riviera would do you a world of good. From tours to shopping and a hectic nightlife, these cities offer them all. From the get go, the landscapes here are unbelievable. There are several majestic mountains as well as its fair share of flora and fauna. The Red Sea Riviera also has an amazing underwater world that consists of coral reefs and shipwrecks; divers would definitely take pleasure in exploring here. Since the Red Sea Riviera has over 15 cities, each offer something for every eclectic taste. For lovers of the great outdoors you would feel at home in Hurghada.

This is the perfect place for camping and it also boasts of having several aquariums and museums with aqua themes. There are also some great hotels that you can stay at Hurghada. Elsewhere in the Red Sea Riviera is the city of Dahab. Dahab is a lively city that is known for eye-catching palm trees which frame the city’s strip as well as beguiling beaches and several diving locations. And even if you are a burgeoning diver, there are several diving centres where you can visit for a lesson. is the resort called Dahab, a lively city that is known for palm trees framing the street beguiling beaches and several diving locations.

The sweetest holiday escape lies in Nuweiba, which is a quiet town with nooks of beaches and coves and an all-round natural beauty that is undeniable. Some of the popular Bedouin merchandise can also be found in Nuweiba for purchase as souvenir. They include carpets and mats and other items are great for an Egyptian-type home décor and they also have a wide range of clothing. Shops and bazaars close for business at midnight so one can have enough time to visit other destinations during the day and shop during the night. Sharm el-Sheikh takes the prize for beauty and variety it’s no wonder that most tourists visit their on a regular basis. Sharm el-Sheikh is always buzzing with activities which include several water sports and places to play golf. This city which is described as “the jewel of Sinai Peninsula” there are top notched hotels here and different restaurants to choose from. When in Sharm el-Sheikh visit the nocturnal Naama Bay, a city that is still and quiet during the day and one which comes alive at night-time.

Sharm El Sheikh Resorts