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Ras Um Sid Holidays

The gem of Sharm El Sheikh lies in Ras Um Sid (also known as Om el Seid Hill) a lovely and fascinating expanse of land where cliffs and beaches abound. Once a predominant fishing town, Ras Um Sid is situated some 10km from Nabq and Sharks Bay and is also close to Naama Bay in Egypt. It is also conveniently located with minutes from the Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. Ras Um Sid offers a very exciting package geared to make your holiday very relaxed and fun.

This resort which name meaning is “head” in Arabic features an extension of land which is carried out to sea. It is at this point that one can view the colourful gorgonians in its entire splendor. Elsewhere on the island one can stand above the coastline and enjoy the breath-taking view of the Red Sea Riviera which is ahead. Ras Um Sid could be easily called the most luxurious resort in Sharm el Sheikh. The resort has seen its fair share of families on holiday here but more than ever the place exudes such a romantic atmosphere that it is a favourite of lovers from all over the world.

A visitor to this resort can indulge in a few activities here which would include interesting desert safaris, tours to ancient buildings and it helps that Ras Um Sid has an exciting night life. The weather in Ras Um Sid is good overall and one can expect hot and dry summers and really nice and cool winters. During the winters in Ras Um Sid one can still go to the beach and enjoy the glorious weather. But be mindful that the nights there during winter are somewhat cold so it would not hurt if you were to pack a light jacket when traveling this time of year and some sun block for the summer. It seldom rains in Ras Um Sid and when it occurs, it happens on the coast and is very brief and insignificant.

By the time April comes around it brings humidity with it as well as a whirlwind of dust which blows from the Sahara. So it would be also wise to get a few dust masks in order to be prepared. Cottons and linens are the types of materials that you should pack for a summer in Ras Um Sid while warmer clothes would be ideal for your winter stay here.

Things to do in Ras Um Sid

Pack your bags and get ready for a holiday of a lifetime in Ras um Sid, Egypt. The weather is always good year round and there is no limit to the variety of things that you can get involved in when you are there. Because it is so close to the seafront, you just can’t resist the temptation of getting involved in a few water activities. Snorkelling and scuba diving will take you into the great underworld of adventure that lies in the waters of the beautiful Red Sea. One may be tempted to take along an underground camera to capture the coral reefs that occupy the underwater life here; it is such a beautiful sight!

There is quite a beautiful gorgonian garden at the island’s tip which is jutted out into the water. Here is also the place that you would see a lot of brain corals. Diving instructors in the area always instruct visitors to visit these two aforementioned spots as they are ideal for snorkeling. Since most of the hotels in Ras Um Sid are poised on a cliff, it puts one at a good vantage point to enjoy the fascinating views of the Red Sea.

Most would be happy to know that the nightlife here in Ras Um Sid is always alive and one can always find a variety of things to do well into the wee hours of the morning. For the adventure seeker there are the tours to the Sinai Desert, Cairo or a cruise on the Nile. Even the wildlife in Ras Um Sid is worth experiencing. There are also several restaurants that you can go to dine with your family and friends and you can sample some meals from Egypt and as well as a variety of International cuisines. Egypt is known for kebabs and good coffee and one can always get them at the many small shops that are around. Take a piece of Ras Um Sid back to your homeland by visiting some of the souvenir shops around the town and at the different bazaars in Ras Um Sid.

The Biblical Mt. Sinai where Moses revealed the Ten Commandments is also a jeep or camel ride away. In the same vicinity of Mt. Sinai is the St. Catherine monastery, the oldest church in the world. As a town in Sharm el Sheikh, Ras Um Sid comes alive with many cultural festivals that showcase the best of Egypt. A camel race and the celebration of Coptic New year are just some of the activities that take place in April and May each year. In July fishing enthusiasts can witness the big fishing competition and they also have an opportunity to enter and compete.

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