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Port Ghalib Holidays

Take your holiday to the next level by visiting the charming and beautiful Port Ghalib in Egypt. Port Ghalib is truly a tourist haven that offers great night, shopping centres, sporting activities and an opportunity to stay at a five star hotel where pampering the guests is the order of the day.

Port Ghalib has an interesting story behind it as it was named after a young Ghalib Ibn Zgahlul who excelled from rags to riches as a spice merchant. As the story goes Ghalib travelled to a nearby bay where he established an active spice trade route where other merchants eventually followed.

It is at this bay that Ghalib found a port and named it after himself. Ghalib’s inspiration to work hard in his profession was also fuelled by his love for a young lady by the name of Budour. Budour’s father had requested that Ghalib pay a certain amount of money to marry his daughter and Ghalib was able to come up with the money in order to do so.

Now years later Port Ghalib is a noted resort and marina that beckons; it exudes a certain romance that attract a large number of couples. Still families have been known to choose this destination for their ultimate holiday because it embodies adventure, relaxation and an atmosphere that could resort in taking several visits within the year.

The beaches in Port Ghalib offer miles and miles of fun in the sun whether you choose to sit it out on the beach or take a dip in the azur waters of the Red Sea. The beach is only the precursor to what the hotels and resorts here are offering. No one does spa treatments like the people from Port Ghalib when one visits the Six Spese Spa.

This spa boasts everything from a wet treatment room to sauna, an ice room and stone beds. Elsewhere about Port Ghalib is a shopping plaza known as Khan. Visitors can locate a variety of items that they can purchase as souvenirs. These include Egyptian ceramics, semi-precious jewelry and fragrances. Also for your shopping convenience is Corniche Complex which is home to over 160 stores with businesses that include boutiques, bars, restaurants, bistros and cafes. Over at a place call Corniche are over 160 stores to shop from. Bars, bistros and cafes are also conveniently located there as well. The clubs at the Corniche come alive at night time.

Things to do in Port Ghalib

If you are planning on a holiday in Port Ghalib, be prepared to have a full schedule filled with fun, sightseeing and shopping. Port Ghalib is an Egyptian resort and marina town which continues to attract visitors from all around the world. The weather in Port Ghalib is always filled with brilliant sunshine for longer days enjoying the beach or the pool at your hotel. Because it is part of a large resort complex, everything that you can possibly need or want is right at your fingertips.

For instance the hotels that you stay in are elegant and complete with amenities that would appeal to both the holiday pleasure seekers as well as the business class. There is a saltwater swimming pool, to clean and beautiful gardens and conference halls for the travelling business groups. Diving in Port Ghalib is always recommended and even if you are not good at it there are professionals who are available to instruct you about ways in which you can safely explore the underwater world.

Not to be left out are the sporting enthusiasts since Port Ghalib caters to them by offering a host of sporting activities. These include everything from Quad rides to fishing, camel riding and go-carting to name a few. If you are travelling with your children, there are fun games for them as well such as miniature golf, bowling and other games tailored to keep them happy and occupied.

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