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Nuweiba Holidays

There is something about Nuweiba in Egypt that makes tourist return quite often after they holiday there. Maybe it the unspoiled beauty of its beaches or maybe it’s the town’s connection to the Biblical story of Moses parting the Red Sea. Whatever the reason Nuweiba holds a mystique that feels like unfinished business every time a visitor returns. Nuweiba means “bubbling springs” in Arabic and it stretches some 7km long. As history would have it the area of Nuweiba was once inhabited the Muzeina and Tarabin Bedouin tribe. It is said that the Muzeina tribe in particular would often visit the area during the summer time where they would pick date fruits from the trees in order to use as a form of trade. Outside of the summer time, Nuweiba was practically deserted. Nuweiba as we know it today was as a result of tourist investors who saw promise in the area and decided to develop it into the paradise that it is today.

Nuweiba consists of three main areas. They include Nuweiba Muzeina, Nuweiba Town and Nuweiba Tarabin. When you visit Tarabin you would see many of the restaurants and other businesses all huddled together in typical orient style. The area is also very colourful and the people are friendly wherever you go. The beaches of Tarabin are also known for attracting backpacking tourist who often rest at the many huts on the beach when they visit.

Over in Nuweiba Town is the place to shop for all your necessities at the bazaars, vegetable stands or the supermarkets. The smell of bread baking would take your breath away and lead you into the public bakery there that specialises in preparing some of the freshest and tastiest pita bread that you would ever taste while in Nuweiba. This town is where most tourists go to purchase their telephone cards and use the postal service.

The intimate side of Nuweiba can be found in Nuweiba Muzeina, an area that is brimming with sandy beaches and coral reefs. There are two Dunes here called the Duna and the small Duna. Duna is described as the more romantic of the two and a must-see for couples as it is peaceful and quiet with only a few restaurants and hotels away from the busy thoroughfare that exists in the small Duna. All in all Nuweiba is truly a nice place to be and anyone who travels here would be getting more than their money’s worth. For the female visitors to the resort please be mindful that Nuweiba is a conservative town and that one is expected to dress accordingly. Short skirts and tight t-shirts are not allowed.

Things to Do in Nuweiba

If you have never been to Nuweiba chances are you are missing out on a dream holiday like no other. Situated along the Aqaba coast on the Red Sea, Nuweiba first captivates many a tourist with its immaculate sandy beaches and gorgeous coral reefs. Obviously when you are this close to the beach the first thing that comes to mind is to go diving, snorkeling or swimming. If you must go diving the natives would recommend that you do so at Devils Head and South Cove, two great spots for exploring the water world. Although the town is void of historical sights you can go trekking and see what the town of Nuweiba has to offer. One can go trekking with camels to some of the preferred attractions by tourists who visit over the years. These include Red Rock which is located on the beach and the Coloured Canyon as well. For those wanting to trek the Coloured Canyon unless you are going with a group you may have to acquire a special license if touring by yourself or with your significant other. At the Canyon one can take part in a hike which along the way showcases the rarity of the Canyon as it is the home to rocks that are coloured in unusual yellows, to red and even pinks.

And you can venture out of the town of Nuweiba and head to Israel and Jordan which are not too far away. For those who love to shop they would find delight along the Tarabin beach where you would see several vendors selling souvenirs and artifacts as well as handmade rugs crafted by Bedouins. Silver is also available for sales on the beach and duty-free shopping can also be done along the Tarabin beach.

Even those travelling to Nuweiba on a budget can expect to still have an enjoyable stay in this small Egyptian town. There are actually places that you can stay that are conveniently located on the beach while others are in the city. Known as huts or camps and they offer accommodation at a cheap price and most guests would be pleased to know that most of the camps have restaurants. At these restaurants one can enjoy a hearty meal that could consist of fast-food like pizza and burgers to a menu of kebabs and fresh Red Sea fish. And if you wish to dine and still enjoy the outdoor experience, there are also lots of open-air restaurants located on the beach that has traditional Bedouin interior décor replete with carpets and cushions. Both the bar and disco scenes in Nuweiba are almost non-existent; you may have to visit some of the neighbouring resorts where the night time entertainment is a little bit more lively and popular.

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