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Nabq Bay Holidays

Nabq Bay is situated on the Egyptian coastline of Sharm el Sheikh. As a burgeoning resort on the Sinai Peninsula, Nabq Bay is fast becoming one of the more preferred choices for holiday makers who have children and want to relax in an area that is away from all the hustle and the bustle.

Unlike its other neighboring towns like Naama Bay in particular, Nabq Bay is a very relaxed and laid-back place to spend your holiday. Unpretentious by nature, it is one of the more scenic bays that one would ever visit since it boasts of having some of the best landscapes in the region with lots of picturesque views.

Although some may not believe it but the Nabq Bay as we know it has only been in existence for the last five years. Before it was just another one of those fishing towns as part of Sharm el Sheikh. Since Nabq Bay is practically the new kid on the block, do not be surprised if you see some deserted areas or some buildings with incomplete construction work. With quite a few places up and running, Nabq Bay has seen its fair share of an influx of tourists and the numbers continue to increase each year.

Nabq Bay has everything that a big city has to offer. From popular fast food and Egyptian restaurants to some of the finest accommodations, the resort definitely holds a lot of promise. Full completion of the building project in Nabq Bay is ear-marked for five years from now. Buildings aside, those who visit Nabq Bay usually go to enjoy their year-round tropical weather where the summers are undeniably hot and the winters just a bit cooler, but not cold. The weather makes it easier for one to enjoy some sea sports or diving at one of the resort’s many beaches.

Nabq also has a nature reserve area and it was designated protected back in 1922. Known as the Nabq Protectorate, this area is home to several animals and fish and birds of all species, it is truly an interesting place to take the kids along to explore. They would also be able to see a desert fox or even a gazelle while they visit. Mangroves also grow in the water at the Nabq Protectorate. Those who want to visit the Reserve would have to pay a fee. This fee is usually included in your trip to Egypt as a package deal.

Things to do in Nabq Bay

If you want the perfect getaway that is not too busy but offers enough to do then book your next holiday to Nabq Bay, Egypt. Located in Sharm el Sheikh, Nabq Bay is just what the doctor ordered for complete relaxation. Beaches at Nabq Bay are a must when you visit and you can lay under the year-round sunshine for hours while you sunbathe and enjoy the views of the fauna and flora around you. Snorkeling and diving are two of the most popular water sporting activities on the island and The Red Sea is one of the highly recommended area for these types of water sports. Those exploring the underwater world there are usually very enthralled by the beauty of the coral reefs and the variety of fish species that live there. They are also fascinated with the wreckage from old ships that are still sunken in the Red Sea. Other water activities that you can indulge in while in Nabq Bay include wind surfing, skiing, yachting and boating.

Kite Surfing is another hybrid sport fairly new but already growing in popularity and along with other beach sports Nabq offers the ideal training ground with it`s flat shallow waters, if you are new to riding seek out Kite Surfing to get started into this addictive sport. If you are an experienced rider Kite Junkies will direct you to the better spots.

When you are not at the beach there are other things that you can do to keep yourself and your family entertained. If you want all the great bargains on items from Egypt then you should visit the Strada or Alkan Mall. There are also other shopping areas like bazaars where you can find items that are indigenous to Egypt. Leave your hotel and explore Nabq Bay on foot, you can always stop off for a cup of morning coffee at one of the many cafes that are conveniently situated. Night time activities in Nabq Bay is not as vibrant as they are in other neighbouring towns but one can still enjoy their night on the town all the same. From bars to pubs and nightclubs, they’ve got it at Nabq Bay with Pasha being one of the more popular clubs. If you are traveling with your children then make a history lesson out of it.

Depending on which hotel you stay in, you would be given a safari tour of Egypt within your travel package. The Valley of the Kings and the Pyramids are just two of the places that you can tour. Near Nabq Bay is the Biblical Mount Sinai which is the home of St. Catherine’s the oldest church in the world. One can get to the top of Mount Sinai either via jeep or by camel.