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Naama Bay Holidays

The pride of Sharm el Sheikh can be found some 10 kilometres away from its airport in the breathtaking Naama Bay. The name Naama is Hebrew for “pleasant” and those who have visited the town would all agree that Naama Bay is pleasant and charming in every way. One of the most luxurious resorts in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Naama Bay has everything that a vacation dreams are made of. It begins with sprawling gold sandy beaches with water that ebbs and flows under clear skies with no clouds in sight and swaying palm trees that seem to be dancing to the rhythm of the wind. Here luxurious hotels abound and there is a jetty that makes for a perfect place for capturing photographic memories of Naama Bay. These are just some of the highlights of Naama Bay but if you stick around this town long enough, you will see so much more that would excite you. There is truly never a dull moment in Naama Bay. No wonder it is aptly described as the heartbeat of the city.

Naama Bay is just one of several beach resorts that are located on the Mediterranean coast which is 40km in length. Naama Bay is situated on the coastline and it features a paved walking promenade which is framed by lovely bougainvillea and oleander giving the area a tropical feel. It is on this promenade that visitors are able to purchase souvenir items that are available from vendors there. Although there isn’t any tax added to your purchases while you are in Naama Bay, expect to pay more for your items there than you would in any other part of Sharm el Sheikh.

Looking back on the history of Naama Bay and Sharm el Sheikh as a whole it is hard to believe that the town only became a tourism hot spot in the 1980s. Before the 80s those visiting this region would have encountered a different Naama Bay, one with lots of fishing taking place. The reconstruction of Naama Bay has seen an influx of tourists from all around the world. It has also made way for several businesses to open up including shopping malls and even tourism offices. There are also outdoor restaurants and bars for those who do not want to be confined to an indoor space. More than anything else, Naama Bay is the perfect place to go diving. The area has a few diving spots and for those who may not have diving experience, there is a wide variety of instructors in the town to choose from.

Things to do in Naama Bay

It goes without saying that Naama Bay is truly the entertainment capital of Sharm el-Sheikh. During the daytime there a tourist may think that they are in a ghost town, the place is that quiet with not too many people out and about. But when night time falls, the town transforms into a busy entertainment resort. From dining at restaurants and sidewalk cafes to trying your luck at the casinos, the night time in Naama Bay is as vibrant as ever much to the delight of some locals and tourists. There is a little bit of everything for one to enjoy here. Some of Egyptian’s finest in cultural entertainment is showcased at the hotels in the area. Belly dancing is one of the highlights at a few of these hotels which also feature theme nights as well.

Duty-free shopping is also available on the paved promenade in the center of Naama Bay and most would be happy to know that their purchases would be tax-free. If you get hungry while shopping, a restaurant or café is never too far away. There are several culinary delights that you can try with meals from Mexico, Italy to the Far East. There are several diving shops here and tour operators are on hand to show you all that this town has to offer. Naama Bay is the premiere place for scuba diving and snorkeling and there are many diving spots that you can explore to enjoy a fascinating underwater experience. There are several reefs and a variety of underwater creatures that would fascinate you. And depending on where you stay in Naama Bay, there are a few hotels that put together scenic tours for its guests.

Most of these tours are geared to show visitors some of the historic destinations that Egypt has to offer. Most of these tours showcase Egyptian cities such as Luxor, Memphis and Cairo to name a few but there are tours that would take them to Ras Mohammed Park where they can go boat diving or conveniently view several species of fish through a glass-bottomed boat. If you are taking your children with you to this side of Egypt, be sure to accompany them to the Land Theme Park. For hikers, Mount Sinai is a much since there is a lot of biblical references to this area. St. Catherine’s which is the world’s oldest church is also on Mt. Sinai.

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