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Makadi Bay Holidays

Makadi Bay is one of the newest and attractive holiday beach resorts in Egypt. Located within 35km of Hurghada and running along the Red Sea Riviera, Makadi Bay is packed full of all the elements of what a good holiday should be. The brilliant sunshine weather that is present there goes hand in hand with the inviting sandy beaches and the resort’s first class coral reefs.

A scuba-divers’ dream lies underwater over at Makadi Bay, a very popular diving spot that showcases some of the most eye-catching reefs that you would ever see. For anyone who dives here they would be able to choose their preferred exploration spots. Depending on how deep or far you may dive you can stumble upon wreckage and not to mention the thousands of species that reside underwater.

Makadi Bay is filled with subtle beauties that are evident in the desert landscapes which are indeed a nice contrast to the glitzy Makadi Bay resort where visitors are given a shard of royalty treatment it’s no wonder they keep coming again and again. Convenience is also high on the agenda here; you can have all that you want without having to go too far to get it.

The classy hotels in Makadi Bay all have spacious and comfortable rooms as well as onsite amenities that are unlike most you may have grown accustomed. There are pools at the hotels in Makadi Bay and there is also a spa which offers the full body treatment. Some of the hotels here provide entertainment to visitors which include live shows like belly dancing and there is also an amphitheatre depending on which hotel you stay in. A holiday in Makadi Bay would not be complete without indulging in shopping.

Souq Makadi is the one-stop shop at Makadi Bay and it features a variety of store outlets to choose from. Here you can find everything from jewelry to fragrance as well as clothing for purchase. And for added convenience you never have to walk around with money if you do not want to; there is a bank on the premises.

Elsewhere in Makadi Bay there is also a lot going on that one will enjoy even if they are accompanied by the children while on holiday. Most hotels include excursions in their packages and one can get the opportunity visit some of the popular tourist attractions within Makadi Bay and other parts of Egypt. The St. Anthony and St. Paul Monasteries are a must see since they are the two oldest Monasteries in Egypt. Giftan Island national Park in neighbouring Hurghada is also another fascinating place to be as it incorporates a diving spot and a national park.

Things to do in Makadi Bay

Any one who has ever been to Makadi Bay in Egypt would sing its praises as one of the premiere diving spots in the world. Situated in Hurghada, Egypt, marine life is very much alive here and so too is scuba diving. The breath-taking coral reefs in Makadi Bay is enough to prompt one to sign up for a diving course which are given at diving centres here so that they can see the underwater beauty up-close and personal.

Depending on how professional you are when it comes to diving, then your level of skill would determine where you would take your dive; whether it is shallow or deep. Wreckage from old boats has sunken into the sea and this makes for an interesting and scenic dive. Some of the best places to dive include Ras Abu Soma which boasts a coral reef and is the home to different species of sharks, turtles and eels while first time divers would appreciate Abu Hashish for it are ideal for snorkeling.

And if you care to get involved in another sporting activity, you have a choice of a tennis or golf game, beach volleyball and windsurfing. Camel and horseback riding are two other options that you can choose.

Night-time is active in Makadi Bay and although it is does not have the energy as other towns in Egypt you will still find enough activity to keep you busy for a few hours. The highpoint of nightlife in Makadi Bay does not go beyond what the hotels and resorts are offering. It is within this resort community that one can be entertainment with a variety of shows including dance and music.

One can also enjoy a variety of cuisines at the restaurants in Souk Makadi and try dishes that range from seafood to Italian and Egyptian cuisine. Most meals are accompanied by a live show at the restaurants and these shows are sometimes belly dancing or some form of dance show which is always well received. Souk Makadi is also the place that one would go to shop for souvenir items such as jewelry, clothing and more.

Take your holiday to the next level by venturing off to the nearby city of Luxor, a destination that is usually included in your hotel excursion package. The day long excursion to Luxor takes visitors to this city that is filled with a lot of history and is great for sightseeing.

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