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Luxor Nile Cruise Holidays

Probably the best way to explore the historic Nile is via a cruise. You would definitely have the best of both worlds as you explore the Nile in Egypt from the comfort of your ship. And also from that vantage point one can also ensure that they would be capturing the attractions on film.

The Nile is situated between the cities of Aswan and Luxor and it stretches some 125 kilometres. It is the home to several temples and tombs from the days of Pharaohs and kings who are still highly regarded in Egypt today. There was a time when sailing on the Nile was only reserved for the important people in society.

As a matter of fact one of the earlier boats to sail the Nile was owned by King Farouk back in 1917. As the king of both Egypt and Sudan, Farouk’s SS Karim has been described as a floating museum which is evident in its décor which was replete with teak and brass. As more people started discovering the beauty of sailing on the Nile the Government had to restrict the traffic in the seas by only allowing close to 300 vessels while ceasing the issuing of new cruise licenses.

When going on a Nile cruise although a dress code is not in effect it would help that you wear something light and breezy since Egypt is a humid place to be. Although Egyptian is mostly sunny there are times when you would get a few rain spells. And if you decide to take your cruise around the winter season, you would definitely enjoy basking in the cool temperature that this time of the year brings. Egypt is definitely much better viewed from a ship as one definitely cannot cover this amount of historical sights within a short period of time.

These cruises last for some three to five days and there are guided trips to most of the ancient sites in Egypt. Some of the most visited areas are the breathtaking Kitchener’s Island which is a garden filled with exotic plants and trees and is located in Aswan. The Valley of the Kings in Luxor is the home to many past Pharaohs and kings in Egypt and is the location of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. Along the way, see The Karnak and Luxor Temples a place which offers several pylons, chapels and temples as well as many other monuments from the era of the Pharoahs.

Things do to on the cruise

Treat yourself to a cruise in the Egyptian Nile and capture a piece of history that you would never forget. Imagine having a tour guide who specialises in Egyptian travel on board and at your disposal. Your tour would take you along the Nile to Esna and then Luxor but if the traffic is the water is really busy, then your cruise will get you where you would be able to see both Esna and Luxor via a taxi. You would be taken to several temples including the Temple of Horus and the Temple of Philae to name a few.

It is at these temples that you can get all your shopping done for souvenir items. There are a lot of vendors at the front of the temples and they would try to sell you items at high prices. Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices with them until you are at a price that you can afford.

Although The Luxor Nile cruises may offer informative excursion packages most would be surprised to know that there is always something exciting for those onboard as well. Depending on which boat you choose to sail through the Luxor Nile area of Egypt, you would be able to take advantage of full-fledged amenities that would make your stay on board very relaxed and enjoyable.

For one thing meals are included in the cruise packages in a buffet style where a variety of food can be enjoyed. For breakfast one can choose anything from pastries to omelets, tea or juices or coffee and a selection of breads. Lunch and dinner are also buffet style for dinner there is a combination of Egyptian and International food that you are sure to enjoy.

Entertainment is very popular on these cruises and there is also a variety of entertainment on board which includes cocktail parties to a disco and even a belly dance show that would delight the audience. Part of the entertainment also pays homage to the Nubians and one can see talent from the Nubian people as they are clothed in their traditional outfits.

There is actually a night or two that is set aside for an event that is known as a “Galabeya Party”. At one of these parties the tourists on board are given the opportunity dress the way Egyptians do and then dance to traditional Egyptian music much to the delight of the crowd.

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