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Lake Nasser Holidays

Situated in southern Egypt on the north side of Sudan is Lake Nasser. A combination of a lake and reservoir the lake got its name from former President Gamal Abdel Nasser who held office from 1956-1970. President Nasser is the person credited to order the creation of the lake after he saw the construction of the Aswan High Dam which was located across the Nile.

Lake Nasser is 310 miles in length and is 600 feet deep. The lake was also the former site of many temples back in the year 1200BC. One such temple is the Abu Simbel which was built by Ramses II. And while a few of these temples were relocated to other areas in Egypt others were submerged.

The Abu Simbel was considered one of the more noted reminders of the Pharaoh days of Egypt. The United Nations upon recognising how precious the Abu Simbel temple was to the Egyptians then decided to find a team of people that worked in successfully relocating the temple piece by piece within a four year time period.,/p>

Egypt shares Lake Nasser with Sudan with eighty three percent of the lake being Egyptian owned while the rest of the lake area is controlled by the Sudanese. The Sudan portion of the lake is called Lake Nubia. As a man-made lake, Lake Nasser along with the Aswan Dam supply electricity and irrigation to Egypt.

p>It also a great place for fishing as well and on a yearly basis an estimate of 80,000 tons of fish are caught. There are a variety of fish in Lake Nesser with over 30 species. The Niles perch is one of the fish living in the Lake Nesser waters. It is a game fish that is described as the largest fish in the world. The Niles perch is what fishermen would term as “a big catch” as they can weigh anything close to 500 lbs. You can also find tiger fish here as well as catfish and a few crocodiles in the water as well.

The view from the shoreline of Lake Nasser is undeniably gorgeous, especially when during sunset. The shoreline has a few hilly spots and you can also find desert landscapes there as well. The shoreline is mostly frequented by the town’s fishermen and on occasions you can catch a glimpse of Bedouins walking with their camels. There is small vegetation on the shoreline and so both the camels and sheep go there to graze a little and eat.

Things to do in Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser is a picturesque and man made lake in Egypt that is also shared with neighbouring Sudan. Serving as the town’s reservoir, the lake is a fisherman’s haven. Here over 30 different species of fish can be found and they include Vundu catfish, the largest of its kind, to Tiger fish, Nile Perch and Tilapia.

The fisherman can choose to get the catch of the day either from their boats or they have the option of shore fishing, the latter which is an area where you can also catch a large fish. Not to be outdone are birds in abundance at Lake Nasser. At the time of writing there are over 100 species of birds and they include the pelicans, falcons, wild duck, Egyptian gees and egrets and hawks.

Crocodiles are also in living in the lake and most of them that are there have wandered from the Nile River. Past visitors of Lake Nasser has said that the crocodiles are afraid of humans; we do not recommend that you try to take a closer look at it to see if this information is valid. The wildlife in Lake Nasser is unmatched as one can also see desert fox, lizards, gazelles and jackals. They are found on the periphery of Lake Nasser.

Nearby Lake Nasser are a few interesting tourism spots that you can simply visit by public transportation. There are also cruises that would take you to Lake Nasser and surrounding attractions. One such attraction is at Alabaster Hill in beautiful Aswan. Alabaster Hill is a treasure trove of quartz from the old days.

This quarry was essentially the place that Egyptians would get the material that they need to polish hard stones. Elsewhere in Aswan you can also take away a piece of Egypt when you go shopping for souvenir items at the Bazaar. The Bazaar is a very festive place since upon getting there you are sure to see a myriad of colours on the street.

Here is a place to get some of Egypt’s finest clothing and souvenir items from several of the shops that are there. It’s hard to visit go fishing in Lake Nasser and not take a tour of the highly impressive Light and Sound show. The Abdul Simbel which was relocated from the area where Lake Nasser is today draws large crowds of visitors to the temple on a regular basis.

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