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El Quseir Holidays

The town of El Quseir in Egypt is a great representation of what Egypt was like in the old days. Egypt’s antiquity is displayed via the wooden houses you would see along your journey and the building ruins throughout the downtown areas.

The old town definitely strikes a good balance with the modern architecture that is also seen in Quesir. If you are trying to locate El Quseir on the map, you would have to look between the two cities of Marsa Alam and Hurghada. In the old days El Quseir was the shortest gateway from the Nile River when travelling to the Red Sea.

El Quseir is a town that is known for its inviting beaches and of course array of water sports which include snorkeling and scuba diving. In fact most who have been here would tell you that El Quseir is one of the leading diving destinations. Many years ago, El Quseir played an integral part as a port that was not only for trade of spices between India and Britain but it was also the route of which pilgrims traveled to get to mecca.

El Quseir was also a popular place for gold which was found in the mountains there and taken to the Nile Valley where it was refined years ago. One can still tour this mine area which extends some 100 metres and showcases inscriptions from the old days. These inscriptions are displayed on the granite boulders of the visitor’s building there.

Gold mines are also found in Bir Umm Fawakhir which is situated in the Eastern Desert. And there are even more great tourism attractions in El Quseir that would definitely add some excitement to your trip. For instance the Wadi Hammamat is a treasure trove of rock inscriptions dating back 4000BC.

Wadi Hammamat also has a great history in that it was once a known location where the sacred ornamental rock called Bekheny Stone was produced. As the story goes the Bekheny rock was stunning in beauty with a striking green colour. The rock was included in a lot of crafting projects and was used make items such as statues and bowls back in the Roman era.

Accommodation in El Quseir is of the exquisite kind with most of the hotels getting a 5-star rating. These hotels are equipped with the luxuries of being within walking distance from the beach and it also helps that some boast a wide selection of restaurants and bars. Finally a holiday in El Quseir would not be complete without a visit to the natural parks and a camel ride through the desert.

Things to do in El Quseir

Get ready for a fun-filled holiday in El Quseir, Egypt, a place where the weather is always pleasant no matter the time of year that you visit. El Quseir is the Arabic word that means “smaller version” and there is truly never a dull moment when you are there. You can choose to spend most of your day just sitting around on the beach as time passes you by or you can take things a little further by diving into the waters to view the coral reefs and the many species of fish that live underwater.

Before taking the plunge underwater visitors should be aware of the fact that there are only a certain amount of divers that are allowed in the water at any given time. This is done in order to preserve the underwater world.

The desert areas in El Quseir are ideal for taking a quad ride and if you are looking for a real fun adventure there are several motorbike and go-cart locations where you can either test or showcase your skills. Without leaving your hotel you can enjoy a few sporting activities like a game of tennis or even squash which is conveniently available on the compound.

Because El Quseir is a known historic town, even a casual trip to the downtown area can turn out to be educational. Take a walk down to the port area and you will see the town’s oldest location near the Ottoman fortress. The fortress which has been turned into a museum of some sorts provides information on the town’s history to visitors and they can also view a few displays.

The fortress was beneficial to the people of El Quseir because it served as a place that protected against invasion. The Ottoman fortress was also the gateway that pilgrims used to get to Mecca.

There is a still a very strong Bedouin presence in El Quseir and they actually have a little village that you can visit to learn more about the Bedouin style of living and their history to name a few. Because El Quseir is part of the Red Sea Riviera, it is closely situated to other towns that you can visit for more days of fun.

The popular Sharm el Sheikh for instance is very similar to El Quseir in terms of its quaint towns and historic attractions but the similarity ends with the night time entertainment and activities.