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El Mansura Holidays

One of the most industrial cities in Egypt is El Mansura. Also known as Mansura, the city is situated on the east of the Nile Delta in an area that was once known as the Phatnitic arm in the earlier days. Mansura is also conveniently located some 120km from Cairo and is a part of a metropolitan city with Talkha. The population here is over 40,000 and consists of a mixture of Muslims and Christians.

One of Egypt’s largest cities and is aptly described as the Queen of the Delta because of how breathtakingly beautiful the city is. Here it is clear to see that modernism meets classicism as while there are a few which have 21st century architecture, there are mosques that display an older architectural style. In addition Mansura is home to several factories that specialize in cotton, metalwork and there is even an agricultural processing centre.

It is these materials that Mansura is able to trade with the rest of the world in order to sustain the country’s economy. Natural gas has also been discovered in Mansura and it is also being used for trading purposes.

The weather in Mansura is always sunny and tolerable and there is always the chance of rainfall which is also delightful. Mansura has an interesting history as it was discovered by a sultan by the name of Malik e-Kamil in the year 1221. As the story goes there was a battle that ensued for Mansura in the seventh crusade. The battle took place in 1249 over Louis IX of France for which Egypt got the victory. Today Mansura was so named because it means “the victorious”.

Even after the battle, Louis IX was imprisoned and kept at the sultan’s aide’s house. The house is now a popular tourist attraction and has also been turned into a museum. It is located near the El-Muwafig mosque which adds even more interest. Not to far away is the University of Mansura, a leading learning institution that was founded in the year 1962. At the university one can also find a urology and a nephrology centre which has been hailed as the best kidney centre in all of Egypt.

When in El Mansura, obey a conservative dress code as anything other than that could draw unwanted stares. In addition, getting drunk in public is also not allowed. Also due to the fact that most of the population is made up of Muslims and Christians getting drunk in public is also not allowed.

Things to do in El Mansura

El Mansura in Egypt may not be the first holiday choice on your list but once you go there you will definitely be impressed enough to want to visit again. Beauty abounds in Mansura, a city that lies on the east bank of the Nile. Here the streets are clean, the weather is always enjoyable and it helps that the people there are courteous too. A visit to El Mansura would make you think that you are in a large European city for there are several large and modern looking buildings in the main town and well as modern fast food restaurants.

Getting around in El Mansura is best achieved by taxi. Taxis are easily accessible with just the weave of your hand or a “hail” for a taxi. Mansura offers a variety of attractions for the average tourist. For those who love history, a visit to the Mansura National Museum is a must-see. Formerly the Dar Ibn Lockman the mseum was the place where Louis IX of France was held during the Seventh Crusade. Memories of the crusade can still be seen at the museum. Suits worn by the men of war as well as their swords and maps and paintings are also on display here. Mansura is undoubtedly the place for several tastefully designed architectural structures that are great tourist attractions.

Feast your eyes on the Shinnawai Palace, the pride of El Mansura which was built in 1928 by an Italian architect. Not to be outdone is the antiquity of the mosque of El-Saleh Ayoub El-Kebir which was built by a sultan’s aide. This mosque is situated on Al-Sagna Street in an area which is known as the old Mansura.

For an unforgettable shopping experience, visit the Al-Khawagat market, the liveliest in town. Here tourists can shop for their souvenirs as there is an abundance of clothing, shoes, fabric and one can even get brass pots.

When it comes to food in Mansura you would be warned not to purchase food that is unsealed as it is very easy to get food poisoning here. Blame it on the poor hygiene displayed by some workers in a few of the restaurants there. You would be safer purchasing a mean from a fast food restaurant which is always served hot even though not always healthy. These fast food restaurants are located in the area of the University and one can also find both KFC and Pizza Hut in the city.

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