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El Gouna Holidays

El Gouna is situated on the Red Sea coastline in Egypt and one visit there you would see that the town echoes perfection in every way. El Gouna which is the Arabic word for “the lagoon” has a history that dates back to 1990.

This wide expanse of land consists of several islands and inviting beaches, lagoons and a full itinerary of things that you can do. And while all the aforementioned are enough reasons for you to visit El Gouna, the fact that the town has been touted as an environmentally-friendly place to spend your holiday speaks volumes especially in a world where everyone has grown conscious of saving the environment.

This is an accomplishment for which El Gouna residents are very proud; all that they ask is that visitors to their town adhere to the rules of maintaining the environment.

The love for the environment goes even a step further with the implementation of several earth-friendly programs to raise awareness all around the town. They have even strategically placed recycling bins throughout El Gouna to encourage residents and tourists to recycle all their materials. And to tie in with it all whenever Earth Day comes around it is observed on a bi-annual basis in a big way.

The weather in El Gouna is always pleasant and it helps for one to get outdoors more often to see what the town has to offer. The perfect getaway to couples and big families, El Gouna showcases a group of beautiful and serene beaches that are coupled with modern architecture found at some of the five star hotels. Two of the town’s most popular beaches include Mangroovy Beach and Zeytuna Beach.

It is at these beaches that there is a steady amount of people who show up to participate in water sports such as windsurfing, waterskiing, snorkeling and kitesurfing.

Elsewhere in El Gouna one can enjoy tour the town’s museum which features exhibits of Egyptian paintings in a contemporary fashion. There are activities that your travelling children can also enjoy and they include a visit to the aquarium there and they may even be interested in watching go-kart races at the track.

Other sporting games such as paintball and tennis are also popular in El Gouna. Golf lovers would be happy to know that there is a golf course in El Gouna so you can practice your swing. And even if you are not an experienced golfer, there are instructors who can assist you.

Things to do in El Gouna

Envision yourself in a clean town for your annual holiday with miles and miles of white sandy beaches, perfect sunny weather and natural attractions. You don’t have to dream for a holiday such as the aforementioned, you can have it all when you book your next holiday getaway to El Gouna. El Gouna which is also called “Venice of the Red Sea” is an enchanting resort town that is a few miles away from the Hurghada International Airport.

Anyone who visits this town would appreciate the range of activities that they can indulge in. If you are a sporting fanatic you would bask in the variety of sporting activities that you participate in when you are in El Gouna. You would get a chance to indulge in or be a spectator at windsurfing or kite boarding, watch a game of golf or take a scenic horseback ride around the town or in the desert.

Kite surfing is also another popular sport in El Gouna and every year El Gouna residents and tourists alike can experience a kite surfing competition. Snorkelling and sailing are also enjoyed in El Gouna and other big sporting activities including canoeing and waterskiing. And if you are seeking a souvenir item to impress your friends with, then you should visit a few of the market places where they have a range of items including clothing, antiques, furniture and art.

Most of the higher-end items such as brand-name designed clothing are available on the boardwalk which runs alongside the marina. A cuisine melting pot awaits you at the restaurants in El Gouna. You can stick to the meals that you are accustomed to in your country or you can experiment with food that runs the gamut of Chinese to German, Italian to Thai; there are even the spices of India for you to sample.

As if the food wasn’t good reason enough for you to visit the restaurants, the ambience also adds an elegant touch. Dinner overlooking a marina is just one of the places that you can go to enjoy your favourite meal. Alcohol is not always available at restaurants there so if you are accustomed to having wine with your meal, it would be wise to get information on this before making a reservation. After dinner, enjoy a night on the town by partying at El Gouna’s popular open-air disco, visit the intimate bars and pubs or serenade the crowd at a karaoke pub.

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