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Edfu Holidays

The town of Edfu (also spelt as Idfu) in Egypt is known for its production of sugar and pottery. One of the largest cities in Egypt, Edfu is located on the back of the Nile River on the western side and some miles from Luxor and Aswan. Edfu is also that city that one would have to ultimately pass when getting to other areas in Egypt including cities as Luxor and Kom Obo. Even if you were to take a boat tour of Egypt, you will be able to catch a glimpse of Edfu.

But probably the thing that people most remember about Edfu when they visit is its Temple of Horus which is described as a cult temple. Built in the Ptolemaic era, The Temple of Horus at Edfu is said to be the place where Horus a falcon-headed god killed Seth, the man who allegedly murdered his father Osiris.

Also known as the Temple of Edfu the site is from the Greco Roman era and is a very intriguing place to visit. There was a time when the temple houses several chapels, storehouses and even a sacred lake, but they are no longer present at the temple site. Luckily archaeologists were able to recover enough material in order to make the temple the popular tourist attraction that it is today.

One can still see the tribute to the falcon god at the entrance of the temple and also behind the pylon. The detailing of the temple’s interior is indeed an attraction all of its own. In the section of the library one can read the inscriptions on the wall which indicate the titles books that are contained within.

Columns are in abundance here and so too are hallways and chambers. Since the temple is very large, one should be prepared to do a lot of walking to get to some of the temple’s main attractions. If you have time left for another historical tour, then you should try to journey to Tell Edfu, which is a historic settlement that is situated some 50 miles from the Temple of Horus. Also known as Wetjester-hor, do not expect to be “wowed” by what you see at Tell Edfu when you visit. There is no glamour here and most of the original structure of this monument has been destroyed along the way. What remains now is a monument of more of an archaeologist treasure trove.

Things to do in Edfu

If you ever wanted an opportunity to see what ancient Egypt looked like then Edfu is as close as you would ever get. The Temple of Horus is the keeper of many of the ancient history as it is named after the Falcon God Horus who defeated his brother Seth who had murdered their father. Millions of tourists visit the Temple of Horus on a yearly basis. They come from far and wide to see the Horus’ representation which is a statue of a falcon in black granite.

There are paintings and inscriptions on the walls which chronicle the story of Horus from his birth right up to the time that he died. Another great attraction in Edfu is the Kom Obo Temple a split-entrance that pays homage to two ancient Gods. They are the fertility and creator god Sobek who is depicted with a crocodile head and the solar war god Horus the God with the falcon head. There are many chapels at this temple and one can even see mummified crocodiles. While at the Kom Obo Temple, check out the Nilometer a system that can measure the Nile flood.

Although the historic aspect of Edfu is what draws visitors to the city, it’s also nice to view some of the more contemporary architecture which is evident in a few of the residential buildings there. The Islamic religion is very dominant in Edfu and there are a few mosques that are around for worship. Shopping for souvenirs and other items should not be a problem because there is an abundance of street vendors plying their trade.

These vendors are conveniently located on the way to the Temple of Horus. A sea of bright and brilliant colours and eye-catching designs are enough to draw you nearer to see what the vendors have to offer. Here one can purchase all types of clothing including traditional Egyptian cotton to fashionable shoes and jewelry. You can also do your shopping at the Edfu Docks. If you decide on purchasing anything from the street vendors, be sure to negotiate your price and avoid having to pay a high price for any item. During your negotiations the seller may become a bit disgruntled if the price isn’t right. If this is the case, it is best that you walk away and shop else since all the items are usually sold for no more than roughly £6 or £7.

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