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Dahab Holidays

The word “Dahab” is Arabic for “gold”. It is also a quaint Egyptian town that is found snuggled between the Sinai Mountains and the Red Sea. As a resort Dahab is diverse by natures and to this day it still has a vibrant Bedouin culture. Dahab also holds a conservative charm as there are no tall buildings here. Since the skylines are not covered, natives and tourists are always guaranteed to enjoy the Poloroid picture perfect view of calming seas and mountains no matter how far away they may be standing.

When you are in Dahab it is really hard to resist the golden sands at the beaches which are never short of palm trees for shade if you need it. Dahab is a small resort so that it is easy for one to tour the island in a day or less. And most would be delighted to know that no matter what time of the year that they visit, Dahab always have low prices on food drink and accommodation.

Looking back on the history of Dahab, it was once perceived as a lonely coastal village. But today Dahab has revolutionised as an ideal vacation hub for visitors. There are two popular locations in Dahab that are most visited by tourists. Campers and beachcombers usually gravitate to the village of Assalah, which is situated in the northern part of Dahab. Not only does Assalah feature a wide expanse of beach space but other popular Dahab towns such as Masbat and Mashraba are also found here. Lagoona or Dahab city is on the southern side of the town. It is also a growing tourism spot. In Dahab you are within close promixity to the bus station and hospital. There are certain places that you can walk to here in Dahab that would have you travel along the beachfront promenade where there are also amenities that are available to you.

The Bedouin culture is still very popular in Dahab so if you do meet a Bedouin while you are on holiday then you are in for a treat. Most say that Bedouins are great at welcoming people who visit. So warm is their communication with visitors that there is hardly any time for one to feel homesick. A Bedouin will welcome you into their space and offer some Bedouin tea which is a mixture of sugar, herbs and of course the tea leaves. Food is also another way in which Bedouins welcome visitors. A hearty meal consisting of bread, rice, some for of meat or fish and vegetables would be more than enough to satisfy one’s palette.

Things to do in Dahab

In Dahab it is no secret that when it comes to sporting activities, water sports are ahead of the competition. Travellers around the world who visit Egypt go there for a holiday filled with scuba diving and windsurfing. Dahab is also brimming with several diving spots as well as coral reefs. One of Dahab’s most popular diving spots is The Blue Hole. At over 100 metres deep, The Blue Hole is definitely not a place for inexperienced divers. Therefore it is imperative that you have extensive technical training before you take on this diving site. Other great diving places include The Bells, Canyon, Moray Garden among others.

Even if water activities are not your way of an ideal holiday, there are also other options that are available. Get close up with nature via a safari ride. Visitors have choices when they decide to take a safari tour. Not only can they choose their ride on the tour but they can also decide how adventurous they want their tour to be. Camel, jeep, a horse or a quad-bike are the many ways that one can take a safari tour. One also has the option of camping overnight and then they can commence their trip early in the morning. Tours are usually given to scuba diving locations as well as to the desert. When you are there be sure to visit the Closed Canyon, Colored Canyon and the White Canyon.

Mountain trekkers can take the trip up to Mount Sinai which is said to be more peaceful and popular to explore at sunrise or sunset hours. Mount Sinai is also the home to the St. Katherine’s Monastery.

Kite surfing is also popular in Dahab and so too is kayaking. If you are not experienced at kayaking you can take a guided night tour which is said to be appropriate in the hot summer. Yoga is a ritual in Dahab and it is a recommended activity if you are trying to relax your mind, body and soul. Yoga is taken so seriously in Dahab that the natives there would organise full-moon retreats into the deserts where the silence and space that is needed for Yoga is readily available. Finally, do not leave Dahab without sampling the food of the town. With a strong seafood regimen, one can have a meal that consists of varied seafood including red snapper, shark or even lobster. Most of the fish and seafood that you eat there are paired with side dishes like rice, salads, dips and even seafood soup.

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