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Berenice Holidays

Berenice in Egypt has evolved from an ancient city that was used as a trading post to one of the more beautiful gems on the Red Sea Coast. As history would have it the town was so named by Ptolemy II Philadelphus after his own mother back in 275BC. Back then the town of Berenice was a consistent trade area which involved other countries like East Coast Africa, India and Arabia. Today Berenice is known for its port and military presence and a fascinating tourism hub. But there was a time not long ago when visitors were given special permits just to enter the area but this has since been discontinued.

When you decide to visiting Berenice, Egypt, understand that the town goes hand in hand with the neighbouring town of Hamata. Because Berenice is a quaint town with remnants of historic attractions and such a laid-back place that you may find yourself visiting Hamata for a change of scenery and to indulge in other holiday fun. Berenice gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “be one with nature” as you should not expect to see bars here or clubs and not to mention shopping areas. Instead prepare to be wooed by the town’s unspoilt beauty. If you love to scuba dive then you can do so at the diving spot near the Berenice/Hamata line which is a short distance away from the Wadi el Gemal National Park. This diving spot is said to be a remote area where can explore the Red Sea waterworld.

You can also get to learn more about the Bedouin people in the Bedouin museum that is also here and if you are in the mood for climbing there is the Farayid Mountain which is of the most daring to climb. This mountain is definitely not recommended to those with little climbing experience. Besides the few hotels, Berenice predominantly consist of desert areas and ruins. The temple of Semiramis is one such ruin that was built years ago by Tiberius and Trajan and can be seen in downtown Berenice. Other great natural attractions include the Wadi Sakait, Gebel Zubara and Mons Smaragdus emerald mines. The Arabs work on these mines but the work ceased in the year 1370. Later on in the 19 century there was an attempt to reopen the project but it proved futile. Before leaving Berenice Egypt, be sure to visit the island of Topazos known for producing the topaz (or topazolite) and chrysolite gemstones.

Things to do in Berenice

The cool and tranquil waters of the Red Sea in Berenice can definitely make up for the town’s nonexistent nightlife. For club and live entertainment activities you may have to visit the hotels for a full entertainment package that is replete with bars and restaurants or you may want to make the trek to other neighbouring towns such as those in Sharm-el-Sheik to experience nightlife Egyptian style.

Berenice is a place for visitors with a penchant for simplicity when it comes to taking a holiday. It is here that you are truly appreciative of the natural beauty that surrounds us as there is so much of it wherever you may travel while you are here. Berenice is somewhat isolated but it is brimming with historic sites and other attractions that you may have taken for granted in their larger town. The beach is undoubtedly where most of the outdoor fun happens. Truly no one can resist plunging into the clean waters in Berenice where the weather is always bright and sunny. Berenice is also known for its diving sites and the town offers a few sites that is a diver’s dream. South Marine Park is one of those places that are popular with divers. So too is Sha’ab Makhsour a diving spot that caters to experienced divers since sharks have been known to frequent this area. The third scuba diving area is that of Sha’ab Claude and here visitors can experience the coral canyons.

As mentioned before, the real fun takes place at the hotels since that is where emphasis is placed when it comes to tourism. Guests who stay at these hotels are treated to restaurant and bar service as well and live entertainment. The hotels are also responsible for organising tours to interesting places in Berenice and other notable locations close to the town. Start off your journey by visiting Zabargad where you can view a few lagoons where you can see dolphins. Berenice is also known for its spa which is said to be Egypt’s finest and they offer all that is required to stimulate your mind, body and soul. Another interesting place to visit is the Wadi el Gemal National Park which is in the nearby town of Hamata. Next, visit the town of Luxor which is the home to former pharaohs and the town is also a true representation of the early years in Egypt. Finally if you visit Wadi el Gemal National Park, stay overnight at the econo lodge at this protective park and have a meal or two there as well.

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