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Beni Suef Holidays

Beni Suef or Bani Suwayf in Arabic is an Egyptian town that is situated over 70 miles from Cairo and on the Nile’s west bank. With a population over 150,000 the town is home to many linen manufacturing companies, cement factories as well as it has a rich agricultural foundation. The tow is also a top producer of carpets and spin cotton materials and one can also find an alabaster marble quarry in the area. But what’s more interesting about Beni Suef is that it is poised in an area that is within close proximity to many fascinating sites that have become favourites with visitors over the years. Beni Suef is the gateway to other parts of Egypt which include Cairo and Alexandria. The two are also easily accessible by railway, roads and via the sea.

Do not expect to see too many historical sites in Beni Suef as most of them can be found within close proximity to many historical sights that will amaze you as well as they would fascinate you. There are many tombs and pyramids here which all existed since ancient times and there are a few Graeco-Roman items here as well.

Your first stop should be at the Beni Suef Museum which features a collection of interesting items including statues. With two floors of two floors to explore, the second floor is reserved for the Muslims and Coptic about their beliefs. Not too far away is the Pyramid of Sesostris II where one can view the tomb chamber of the Pharaoh which is replete with brilliant red granite.

There are several tombs around the area and some of them contain the remains of four of Pharaoh’s relatives. Tour the Valley Temple which showcases archeology at its best from the 12th Dynasty. Pyramids also permeate the Beni Suef area with the most popular being the Pyramid of Meidum. It is suspected that this pyramid was built for the last pharaoh of the Third Dynasty by the name of Huni.

One can get to some of these attractions via public transportation although you may have to walk most of the way from one location to get to another. This can be somewhat daunting because of the sweltering heat in Beni Suef. If you do take public transportation especially the bus, be sure that you have an idea of where you want to stop rather than rely on the bus driver. It is your duty to either pay attention to where you are going or you can ask one of the natives on the bus that is always willing to assist.

Things to do in Beni Suef

Take a cheap holiday to Beni Suef in Egypt and get a taste of history via the temples and pyramids, good food and nearby attractions from other cities. Beni Suef may not be the richest part of Egypt but is definitely provides a link to other popular cities such as Alexandria and Cairo to name a few. By being this close to other cities, there are no limits as to the variety of places that you would be able to explore.

Shopping is on every visitor’s list and one place that you can visit for a variety of items is the marketplace in Cairo known as Khan El Khalili. More than a shopping venue it is also an interesting site that can also be explored via an organised tour. If you are shopping for souvenir items this is one of the more popular places to go and get it. The lively and upbeat setting at the market draws visitors like a moth to a flame. Here a variety of items are sold and they including everything from jewelry to handicraft items, fragrance oils to name a few. This marketplace is also the best spot to check out the celebration night of Ramadan.

After shopping, take a break and enjoy some authentic Egyptian food which is available at restaurants and stalls there. Beans are very popular in Beni Suef and Egypt on the whole and they make a special bean paste which is known as fuul. Kushari is a combination of macaroni, lentils, tomato sauce and chick peas while for breakfast you can try a fetyeer which is a pancake that features fillings of the customer’s choice. Onion is a key ingredient in any European meal and breads are also a staple.

Eggs, salads and potatoes are also served at the inexpensive eateries. But one must be careful since depending on where you go to eat there could be a serious hygiene problem.

As far as scenic locations are concerned, visitors to Beni Suef have several options in neighbouring cities. The Red Sea offers scuba diving while the Sphinx of Giza stands majestically in Cairo. The weather in Beni Suef is brutally hot even in the “winter” season and one may have to walk to get to most of the temples. So it would be in your best interest if you were to take along some sun block and avoid heavy clothing that would contribute to more humidity.

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