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Aswan Holidays

Aswan is a small town that is situated in southern Egypt that is big on tourism with beauty oozing out of its every nook and cranny. As a tourist town that is located close to big cities such as Cairo and Luxor, one can afford to tour the entire town in one day and become fascinated by its lush landscape and other natural beauties.

If you were looking the Aswan many years ago on the map, chances are you would not have found it. The reason is because back then the city was known as Swenet and also by the ancient Egyptian name of Syene. Swenet was so named after a goddess who lived there at the time. And further research would tell you that the word Swenet came from an Egyptian symbol which means trade.

Today Aswan is a known town for several Nubian residents and it is one of the most popular places that people visit when they are escaping the treacherous snow-like winters. The weather in Aswan is very dry throughout the year with a non-appearance of rainfall it’s no wonder that most of the residents there would build their homes without capping it off with a roof.

In addition, Aswan also offers even more gems in its granite quarries. These quarries played a significant part in the history of Aswan as it was the known place for sourcing the Syenite rock. This rock which is a type of granite has been used to in the creation of many obelisks, shrines and statutes in Egypt. In Aswan lie two popular islands which include Elephantine and Kitchener.

In Kitchener one can find a beautiful botanic garden filled with exotic plants while Elephantine showcases the prehistoric days of the city with artifacts, a museum and ruins. It’s therapeutic just to see the sailboats float between the islands there as you take in the view from the nearby promenade that is located on the coastline.

You would never run out of places to see while in Aswan because there are plenty tombs and temples that can be seen on the Nile. While on your historic holiday sightseeing tour, be sure to check out the shrine at the Luxor Temple and the Temple of Isis in Philae which has been described as a lover’s island. The people in Aswan are very friendly and cooperative in assisting a tourist who may need their help.

Things to do in Aswan

There is more to Aswan than its notable historical ruins and artifacts. This interesting Egyptian town lies on the coastline of the River Nile and is said to be one of the safest cities that you can ever visit.

The lifestyle in Aswan is laid back and its people are friendly and always ready to help out. Not to mention the weather there is always superb; there is hardly ever a rainfall in years so this gives the tourist more time to spend exploring the area and of course shopping around. When shopping in Aswan the best place to go is the Souq market.

The Souq market offers great lengths of shopping as it is situated on a very long street filled with several vendors and colourful delights. It is there that shoppers are offered a variety of items to purchase as souvenir or personal items. At these markets one can get a wide range of items such as fragrances, to scarves and spices to name a few. Aswan is also the place for great Nubian handicraft which is said to be of a higher quality than other those in other parts of Egypt.

Previous Aswan tourists would tell you that it is easy to get a deal or two from the many vendors on this strip. The trick is to always negotiate a lower price that what is first offered to you.

Truly as a holiday destination, Aswan is just what the doctor has ordered and more. It truly does not get better than the city’s luxurious resorts where one can find top ranked hotels with sprawling pools and rooms with breathtaking views. Sightseeing of historic buildings here is a custom; one can always catch a glimpse of temples or tombs and artifacts. Tour the Nubian Museum and get to know more about the people who have become an important part of the Aswan cultural tapestry. Or visit Sehel Island where and see the exquisite collection of beaded jewelry. The Abu Simbel temple is one of the most visited locations and tours there are usually arranged by the hotels.

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