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Assyut Holidays

One of the oldest cities in Egypt is a place known as Assyut. Assyut can be found a few miles south of Cairo and is a town where old Egypt meets the new in terms of its architecture. Assyut is best known for several events in history. Back when the town was known as Lycopolis by the Greeks, it was the known birthplace of John, a carpenter and Christian saint who later became a prophet. The town was also a known venue for the slave market and of recent times Assyut have experienced its fair-share of attacks from organized religious groups. As a result the town was forced to step up its security back in 2004.

There was actually a time when visitors had police escort and were prohibited from travelling alone around the town Today although a little bit more lenient than it was some five years ago, one may still see a few military or police personnel on the streets. They do not following the tourists around anymore; one is free to explore the city at their own leisure as often as they like.

With that said, book a flight and come to Assyut in Egypt, a town big on agriculture as evident in its cotton and grain export and here is also the place to further your education at the country’s third largest university. The atmosphere in Assyut is a busy one and you ensure to encounter quite a few friendly native on your holiday.

The streets are narrow here and vendors line some of the streets plying their trade of souvenir items. Here is the place for craft items such as leather and pottery products. One can also find embroidered items and tastefully -made blankets and other fabric products. The shopping continues on a river port in Assyut where one can purchase the agricultural produce of cotton and grain items.


Hotels are in abundance here ranging from the expensive ones to the really cheap ones and the upscale ones are more likely to arrange city and countrywide tours for visitors. The guided tour usually takes one to Cairo and Luxor via towns such as Bahariya and Kharga.

For safety reasons, tourists are never taken to a cruise on the Nile Valley part of Assyut. There are a lot of fascinating ancient buildings in the city and one would not hesitate to get closer where they can capture this memorable movement on film.

Things to do in Assyut

Assyut is a large city in Egypt a few miles from the large city of Cairo. It is a city that is known for its endless days of sunshine and historic landmarks that are worth exploring. It is hard to believe that there was actually a time in Assyut history when tourists were not allowed to holiday there. This was because of the many social unrests that took place there at the time.

But Assyut has definitely come a long way. Indeed here is the place that you would want to visit to catch up on some important aspects of history. Assyut is said to be one of the places that Biblical parents Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to escape King Herod’s firstborn law.

It is this Biblical tie that brings several visitors to Assyut on a regular basis, especially to take part in holy day pilgrimages. Visitors also come to Assyut for its other attractions like Banana Island which is the ideal place to unwind with family and friends. Or take a Nile River cruise and get to see some parts of the town.

After all a good chunk of the Old Nile is in Assyut and it is usually a very heavily trafficked area not just for cruises liners but for buses and trains as well. So central is Assyut that it is an alternative gateway to getting to the two oases Kharga and Dakhla in neighbouring Luxor. If your travel schedule allows, then take a visit to the Kharga Oasis, a place that oozes natural beauty and one that features the ruins from the old Temple of Dush as well as springs.

Shopping is a must in Assyut, you have several locations to choose from when shopping around for authentic Egyptian items such as handicrafts. And when you are through with your shopping it would be time to sit and enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants there. Catering to a myriad of palettes, one can enjoy anything from burgers to Indian delicacies, to pizza and chicken and fries via a popular fast food outlet there.

There is also indigenous Egyptian food to be enjoyed at a few of the restaurants as well. Pastry lovers are also in for a treat since there is actually a restaurant that serves a mixture of savory and sweet items and be sure to check out the coffee shops that are also downtown in Assyut. Most of the restaurants there open late to cater for customers who prefer to enjoy the city after hours. Of course there are also quite a few restaurants at the hotels as well.

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