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Akhmim Holidays

If it is a historic holiday that you are seeking, then you should definitely visit the city of Akhmim. This Egyptian city can be found on the Nile’s eastern bank and it is also situated near Sohag.

Akhmim is said to be the oldest city in Egypt. Way back then Akhmim was once called “Khmim” by the Coptic and also known as Ipu and Apu while the Greeks referred to the city as “Panopolis” naming it after one of their gods.

The historical pattern of Akhmim is steeped in Coptic Christianity. It wasn’t unusual to see a large amount of monasteries back then wherever you go about the town. Akhmim was also known for practitioners of sorcery and of magic. Today with few remains from the past present along the way, Akhmim is forging ahead as a modern city where Coptic churches and mosques stand in the main town and catching a few glimpses of the ancient ruins serve as a reminder to all about the past.

While the city does not have near the amount of ancient buildings as one may have expected, there are still a few ruins that one can view and pick up a few history lessons on. One popular attraction in Akhmim is the statute of Meryetamun which is the town’s tallest statue of Nefertari’s eldest daughter which can be found downtown. The statute stands at eleven metres and it is made up of limestone.

While it is not in its original condition because of fading from over the years, for a reasonable price one can visit this statue and get up close and personal to see the detailing of its wig and skirt.

Elsewhere in this historic town is a weaving factory which has become quite a tourist attraction. While tourists are not allowed throughout the factory, they can definitely able to view a few of the workers while they craft their trade and one can also purchase a few items at the store which is located downstairs.

Among some of the items found at the store include silk and cotton items, tablecloths and sheets among other things. One must keep in mind that silk is very valuable to people in Akhmim as most of their pharaohs were wrapped in silk cloth at death and buried. On your next trip to Akhmim you should also visit the Necropolis of El-Hawawish, the burial site for many Akhmim governors from the within the earlier Dynasties.

Things to do in Akhmim

Akhmim is a modest town in Egypt that comprise of a huge Coptic religious following, several cotton factories and places to tour and shop. The attractions in Akhmim are mostly found in the city’s ruins that are few and far between. As you journey throughout Akhmim you may get the feeling as if you are in a time warp.

The buildings there are not painted, the roads are dusty and cars there are from circa 1950s. The main attractions here lie in the ruins of the town as well as monasteries and cemeteries where governors and iconic figures are buried.

One can actually go downtown and see a large hole in the ground surrounded by a wall which is home to a few Akhmim ruins for which is the town is proud. Protruding from behind the wall is the statue of Nefertari’s daughter Meryetamun in all her majestic splendour. A ticket would get you the chance to see the realistic looking statue up-close.

Viewing the statue so close visitors would be able to see the detailing in the pleated robe and her head-dress which is replete with serpents. Alongside Meryetamun in this public museum is the statute of Venus (or Isis) as well as remains of buildings with inscriptions on them. The statue of Pharoah Ramses II has also been discovered by archeologists in Akhmim. While most of the statute is still being unearthed, chances are it would also be on display once the pieces are placed together.

As you travel along Akhmim’s dusty roads, you would also encounter the temple of Min who was a fertility god. The temple of Min was constructed by Ay, the successor of King Tutankhamun and it is situated close to the El-Salamuni Promontory.

Historic finds aside, one of the oldest Egyptian trades can still be found active in Akhmim. Weaving and tapestry services can still be found there and tourists can go see and purchase some of the unmatched crafting items that are sold there as well as purchase bales of textiles. Akhmim is also the producer of grains, dates and cotton as well.

Akhmim is a very inexpensive city to stay in and one can choose one of the hotels there or to stay in nearby Sohag. And when it comes to eating, the city has quite a few little nooks of restaurants conveniently located along the main streets. Police presence is also strong in Akhmim, they are strategically positioned to protect tourists.

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