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Ain Soukhna Holidays

There are a few places that you can visit for your cheap holiday and truly proclaim that it is one of your most memorable yet. Ain Soukhna is one of those locations that remain indelible on your mind. Whether it is the call of the immaculate sandy beaches, the picturesque mountains or the year-round gorgeous sunshine weather, there is something about Ain Soukhna that will have you returning year on year.

Ain Soukhna is located in Egypt and is conveniently situated approximately an hour away from the large city of Cairo. Ain Soukhna is the Arabic word for “hot spring” and its meaning is also reflective of the hot sulfur springs that are present in Gebal Ataga.

Those who have visited here would attest that it presents a more laid-back environment than other resorts on the Red Sea. The beaches in Ain Soukhna have been ranked as the top in the world since it is clean with clear sand that you can actually walk on and not step on a corals or pebbles.

Well-manicured lawns serve as the perfect welcome mat to the accommodations that are available in Ain Soukhna. You can choose to stay at one of the modern five-star hotels which not only offer great amenities for your added pleasure but also have private villas and bungalows.

Ain Soukhna holds a lot of interesting places that you can visit. Relaxing at a spa would definitely take your mind to a more peaceful place and when it comes to spas Ain Soukhna has one of the best and largest in the region. In addition Ain Soukhna is also the home of two natural springs. One of these two springs which have 35 degree temperatures can be found some miles south of the Gulf of Suez at the bottom of the Ataga Mountain. The campus at the Ain Soukhna Hotel is the location of the second spring. At this location, casual visitors are privy to this wondrous sight and one that draws several tourists.

The springs in Ain Soukhna have some high form of both sulfur and mineral and most tap into this resource as both natural elements have healing properties.

Since Ain Soukhna is so close to Cairo, you can visit the great Pyramids there and even take a visit to see the Sphinx up close and personal. And not too far away are a group of monasteries.

Things to do in Ain Soukhna

Pack your bags and head to Ain Soukhna in Egypt for relaxation personified. Ain Soukhna offers over 60km of beautiful landscape and attractions and is framed by other towns Ras El Adebbya and Ras El Zaafarana. It goes without saying that because of his biblical ties and many attractions that Egypt always seems to be ranked high on the list.

Indeed Ain Soukhna is a great place to indulge in lots of outdoor activities, and even if you have not done any of them, here is a good place to learn and to start. The weather in Ain Soukhna is tolerable; the atmosphere a cool-tempered one. There are several beaches here that are not only beautiful but clean and boast of having idyllic blue waters. It is the perfect place to sit and relax, get a tan or have a picnic on the sand with family and friends.

In addition, the waters are also great for water skating, windsurfing and snorkeling. Underwater photography is allowed and there are indeed a lot to capture on film and explore if you decide to go scuba diving. Other great activities that you can indulge in are golfing and fishing. Go camping on the beach or try something as daring as mountain climbing.

Natural beauty abounds in Ain Soukhna and it is most evident in the mountain canyons that are there. Ain Soukhna is home to the monasteries in the desert. They include the Monastery of St. Anthony which is the oldest active monastery in the world. And not too far from it is the Monastery of St. Paul which is another old monastery.

If you are looking for a meal or a place to sit and chat with friends, then you would have to travel near to one of the resorts which are the only places to find restaurants and bars. The restaurants and bars are conveniently located outside of the resort complex to accommodate the guests there. There are branches of fast-food outlets such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and you can even find a Pizza Hut here as well as an East Indian restaurant.

Quite a few of the bars and restaurants are also situated on the complex. Because Ain Soukhna is so close to Cairo, Egypt, visitors would no doubt be able to enjoy the best of both worlds as they travel between Cairo and Ain Soukhna for additional sight-seeing. Over in Cairo are several interesting landmarks and sights that are unforgettable. Cairo has the Spinx of Giza which is a structure that has a powerful presence as well as the Pyramids of Giza.

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