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Zanatzia Cyprus

Souni Zanatzia is a hybrid of two small towns with a total population of around two thousand inhabitants. It lies further inland from the south coast of Cyprus and is part of the island's Limassol district. Tourists just keep coming back to Cyprus year after year and it will come as no surprise to them that the island is the 40th popular tourist destination in the world welcoming around two million visitors a year. In comparison to some of the islands heaving tourist hotspots Souni Zanatzia is the perfect location for holidaymakers wishing to bask in the sweltering heat in the privacy of their own villa. This location is popular with property developers hoping to get their hands on a plot in this much sought after location.

Souni Zanatzia nestles on a hilly landscape from which holidaymakers can survey the surrounding landscape and take in the shimmering sea views. Just as with the rest of the island, Souni Zanatzia enjoys year round sunshine but just because it is impressively hot the island is far from parched. The landscape has lush and plentiful vegetation including pines and carob trees which provide perfect shade during those strenuous mountain walks.

It would be misleading to list the available activities in this location as Souni Zanatzia tends to be a place visited by those who know how to occupy themselves. If you are prepared to take control of your own itinerary then this peaceful location will give you a pleasant and relaxing break in the sun. Head to the town centre which is peppered with oak trees, vines, almond, olive and fruit trees and maintains the old town charm of many Cypriot villages. The gorgeous landscape offers numerous opportunities for scenic and exertive walks and is dissected by a river. Once holidaymakers have settled into the area it makes sense to visit some of the surrounding areas.

The Troodos Mountains lie further north and overlook the nearby city of Limassol. They offer endless days spent exploring, some fantastic sea views and are about as peaceful as the rest of Souni Zanatzia, however, they are also famous for their frescoed Medieval churches.

The hedonistic resort of Limassol is located on the coast further east of Souni Zanatzia. A busy port that is one of the most popular resorts in Cyprus it has only recently been upstaged by Ayia Napa as the island's feistiest nightspot. Despite this it is also home to an old Turkish commercial quarter, a castle and its port is accompanied by a working fishing harbour. Aphrodite's Rock (Petra tou Romiou) is on the coast further west and is one of the most photographed rocks in the world and (as legend has it) is the birthplace of the goddess herself.

In terms of nightlife you had better be happy with your holiday party as they are likely to be your only source of evening entertainment if you are staying in a Souni Zanatzia villa, expect many hours spent playing charades! Souni Zanatzia is fortunate enough to have held on to its own culture and in the evenings there is a quiet hum of chatter from guests enjoying local cuisine at the Cypriot restaurants. As with much of the Mediterranean the local drinking culture only thrives when accompanied by a good family dinner and as a result there is a welcome absence of yobbish Brit friendly bars. There is a wealth of local produce to gorge yourselves on either cooked at the villa or enjoyed in one of the town's restaurants which serve signature Cypriot dishes such as meze, mousakas, kebabs and keftethes. Whilst it often serves tourists in need of a raucous night out Limassol also happens to be the centre of the island's wine making industry and winery tours are run by various companies.

Souni Zanatzia is close to both of the international airports serving Cyprus. Paphos located on the west of the island is the slightly closer of the two and by car the journey will take around thirty five to forty minutes. Larnaca is on the east of the island and is about an hour away. A direct flight from the UK to Cyprus will last around four to five hours. Due to the isolated nature of many of the properties in Souni Zanatzia car rental is strongly advised and will allow holidaymakers to enjoy some of the nearby sights. A rented car will give you access to cheaper supermarkets and cut down on the cost of an airport to hotel transfer. Holidaymakers renting a car for their break are also reminded that petrol prices are cheaper than in the UK.