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Nissi Bay Cyprus

Beautiful Nissi Bay overlooks the clear, blue waters of the Mediterranean, where you can relax and enjoy the warmth for the sun and the many attractions the area has to offer. The flora and fauna make it a picturesque location. A perfect backdrop for the many weddings that are conducted here. This is a popular location, with tourists returning year on year to Nissi Bay, for all it has to offer. Nissi Bay overlooks one of the best beaches of the southern coastline and the shallow clear water makes it suitable for the whole family.

Getting to Nissi Bay

Flights are from London or one of the regional U.K. airports to Larnaca in Cyprus. Reaching your destination at Nissi Beach is easy from Larnaca. it is approximately a fifty-five minutes bus or taxi ride from the airport.

If you want to explore beyond your chosen destination, you will need to hire a car or a scooter; driving is on the left and regulations are much the same as home, which makes it easier. You can either book a hire-car before you leave the U.K., or book one when you arrive at the airport. Pre-booking and paying is most convenient, so you don't have to look for currency when you arrive.

Scooter Hire

There are many places you can hire a scooter at a reasonable daily rate. You have to wear a helmet and the regulations are very similar to those in the U.K. It is a great way of travel if you want to explore all the beaches along the coast.

Things to Do

There is so much to do in and around Nissi Bay. There is a nearby water-park, especially ideal for the children. Perhaps take a trip out in a boat to explore the coastline. There is a fishing harbour at Aya Napa which is simply charming and well worth a visit. It is situated two miles further east of Nappa Bay. The word Aya means 'holy' in Greek and the word Napa means 'wooded valley and in ancient times the area was mostly forest. History surrounds the Island with myths and legends and the locals will be sure to share some of it with you.

Nissi beach offers all the water-sports including:-

  • Windsurfing
  • Speed-Boats
  • Scuba-Diving
  • Water-Skiing
  • Snorkelling
  • Kayaking
  • Boat Trips

Courses are available for some activities. The three day Scuba-Diving course will prepare you for the deeper waters of the Mediterranean. This is most enjoyable because of the crystal clear water.

Paralimni is a short trip inland and northward and it offers a great place to shop with numerous places to eat. If you have time, you might take a quick trip to Dherinia to view the ghost city of Famagusta now under Turkish control and once a very busy tourist resort. You will enjoy exploring away from the busy beach area. This is a relaxed environment giving you time to focus on the history of Cyprus.

In nearby Aya Napa there is the Ocean Aquarium with over 400 species of marine life including sharks, crocodiles and penguins. The whole family with really enjoy this.

Shopping is good therapy wherever you are and Nissi Bay takes care of the needs of the tourist and nearby Aya Napa expands the experience much more. Cyprus is known for its jewellery and lace which is handmade.

Eating Out

Whatever you want to eat you will find it here in Nissi Bay or one of the nearby areas. There is a never-ending list of restaurants and cafes to choose from. The menus may be full International cuisine, to local mezzo comprising as many as twenty small dishes of different local food. They say that the Cypriots live long and healthy lives because of their Mediterranean diet and quality food; maybe you will agree when you have sampled enough. Look out for smaller more rural places to eat which will not have inflated prices.

The diet offers more salads and fresh fruit and the fish is extremely fresh and delicious; calamari or red mullet are standard dishes on the menu. Children are also welcomed and well catered for.

Staying in Nissi Bay may be more frenetic than you want all the time, but other places nearby offer a less boisterous environment, so you have the best of everything within a short distance.