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Episkopi Cyprus

Episkopi is situated in the Limassol district of Cyprus. Its main economic resources are agriculture and more recently, tourism. What this means for anyone wishing to visit this beautiful area is that there is a great balance between well maintained historical sites within a lush and vibrant landscape, as well as more modern, tourist-focused attractions such as beach activities, shopping in the local city and enjoying the animated local atmosphere.

It is suitable for a variety of visitors; for those with children there are plenty of beaches and activities organised by the village hotel, for those seeking rest and solitude the village is very peaceful, friendly and surrounded by stunning countryside. And for the historians among you there are a host of artefacts and ancients sites waiting to be discovered.

Because Episkopi is located near the coast, it is the ideal location for those seeking the relaxation that only a white sandy beach and stunning blue skies can bring. Episkopi, much like the rest of Cyprus, is blessed with a Mediterranean climate consisting of hot, cloudless summers and short mild winters, the hottest months being July and August.

Episkopi is situated right by the remnants of the ancient city of Kourion and for those seeking to learn more about this fascinating piece of history, a visit to the Kourion Archaeological museum is a must. Within this museum, there is a wealth of discoveries from local excavations; mosaics, artefacts and ancient skeleton remains are displayed in this house which was donated to the Antiquities Department of Cyprus.

If you find yourself hungry for more historical treasures after this visit, a drive up to the Kourion Amphitheatre is a must. Here you will find the wonderfully restored and preserved remains of the Greco-Roman Amphitheatre.

Another historical must-see is the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, which lies about 10km outside of Episkopi, very close to Limassol city. Here you can really see the roman influence in the architecture of the remains. This site was the main place of worship for the god Apollo Hylates, ancient god of the woodland and protector of the city of Kourion, between the eighth century B.C and the fourth century A.D. Detailed excavations of this site have revealed many structures within this sanctuary, such as the bath complex, the pilgrim halls and a holy precinct, to name but a few.

There are many traditional restaurants in which one can savour the delicious local cuisine; seafood being a favourite dish of many of the locals due to the coastal location of Episkopi. As well as a great selection of restaurants, the area boasts a number of taverns in which to sample some of the locally brewed beers.

In regard to nightlife, Episkopi is a short bus ride to Limassol city for those looking interested in the clubbing scene, however the village itself has a more laid back, relaxed atmosphere in which you can simply enjoy a beautifully cooked local meal and socialise with the locals in the taverns.

For those seeking a dynamic and exciting atmosphere, July is the month to visit this hidden gem. During this month many cultural events take place all around Cyprus, such as film festivals and various musical events. And with regular public transport available (or your own rented vehicle) you can easily swap back and forth between the peaceful scenic experience that is Episkopi and the more lively events taking place in the local cities.

On a practical note, in the village you will find all the modern facilities you need, such as banks, a post office and supermarkets. In accommodation terms, the Episkopiana Hotel is open all year round and is reasonably priced. It boasts all the comforts which one would expect, including two large pools, one outdoor and one indoor, a lounge bar, a sauna and a jacuzzi as well as an á la carte restaurant. There is also the appealing option of renting a village apartment.

Episkopi lies approximately 84km to Larnaca airport and 46km east of Paphos airport. A taxi will take you from Larnaca airport to Limassol for around €30. For the more budget conscious, there are regular shuttle buses running from Larnaca to Limassol city. A short bus ride will then take you from the city into Episkopi. It is advisable to rent a car or a moped to ensure the opportunity and the freedom to really explore the area. Both modes of transport can be hired quite cheaply from many local companies in Limassol.

If you are looking for a holiday just slightly off the beaten track, from which you will return relaxed and invigorated, then Episkopi is the place for you.