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St Lawrence Gap Holidays

Beauty surrounds you wherever you go when you are in St. Lawrence Gap in Barbados. St. Lawrence Gap is situated on Barbados' south coast and it is one of those towns where there is always something going no matter the time of day or night that you venture out. Because of its stretch of road, the area is referred as “The Gap” by Barbados locals and just journeying through this part of Barbados you can't help but notice the beauty both scenic and in the people here. People in Barbados are very friendly and well mannered; imagine walking down the streets and being greeted with a cheerful “good morning” as you emerge from your hotel.

In addition, although Barbados is a predominantly hot throughout the year, one can catch a break of the hot weather in the months of November to January. This means that if you are visiting during these months, it is best that you walk along with a cardigan as the sea breeze can make the air even colder. Even outside of the winter months, you can still expect hot sunny days and very cool nights.

It is safe to say that St. Lawrence Gap is definitely the heartbeat of Barbados; it could well be called party central because of the host of varied entertainment you would find there. It is also situated near to many tourist attractions in Barbados that you can visit with the help of the organized bus tours which work in association with the hotels to pick you up from your hotel and take you to your destination and back again.

Among some of the attractions near St. Lawrence Gap is The Sunbury Plantation, a place which holds a lot of history. As you enter the 300 year old Plantation you can't help but notice the antiquity that abounds. There are very good china and silver here as well as you would also find a host of antique furniture and old prints. You also get a glimpse of the plantation owner's office and heading further upstairs are old clothing that are displayed on the beds in the nursery.

Downstairs, a lone staircase would reveal old carriages and there is even a buggie there as well. After touring the plantation, you can enjoy the outdoor ambiance in the garden at The Sunbury Plantation where you enjoy some authentic Bajan (pro: bay-john meaning Barbados resident) food.

Elsewhere in Barbados, nature lovers would be delighted in visiting Harrison's Cave, a location that is visited by thousands on a regular basis. People come from near and far to see the 2.3 kilometres long cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites as well as waterfalls. When you visit, you would tour the lower portion of the cave by an electric tram in an atmosphere that is close to 28 degrees Celsius temperature.

Things to do in St. Lawrence Gap

The “Gap” is definitely where it is at especially if you are looking forward to a holiday that is filled with fun, entertainment, an active nightlife and of course great food. There are many large and small hotels on this side of town so that you would never have to worry about being too far away from all the action. At some of the hotels here there are spacious rooms with cable channels on the TV and most serve continental breakfast with a wide selection. There are some hotels here that also feature live entertainment on the weekends; the Whistling Frog at the Time Out At the Gap hotel is the main spot for after-jazz performances during the Jazz Festival in Barbados which is held every January.

If your hotel does not have internet connect, you can walk a few blocks away to a cybercafe which is also on “The Gap”. Also in the neighbourhood are stores which sell clothing, jewelry, and you can also get some ceramic items to take back home with you as well. For cheap souvenir items, visit the Chattel House where you would get good bargains on gift items. There are many stores within that is not only reasonable with their prices but most offer duty-free shopping.

Across the street, just a walk away from St. Lawrence Gap where the hotels are you would find a very pristine beach that is great for sun-bathing, swimming and surfing. The beach is a large one graced with beautiful white sand and turquoise waters. Even before you get to the shoreline you would meet a few vendors plying their trade of locally made craft jewelry like leather bracelets at the beach's parking lot.

If you are travelling with children, they would be in for a fantastic time as you can take them for a ride on the Atlantis submarine which departs from Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. One can view the many species of fish and other sea creates when the submarine plunges to 150ft in the sea. For the claustrophobic person you may prefer a cruise ship ride or you may choose something a bit more laid back such as visiting the miniature golf course in “The Gap”.

At night experience all that “the Gap” has to offer as there are a variety of clubs, restaurants and bars that you can visit those of which for patrons of varied taste. Usually before heading out to the club, you can find patrons enjoying a drink or two at The Whistling Frog at the Time out at the Gap hotel. The Whistling Frog is the perfect prelude as there is always a live band that can put you in the mood for what is to come for the rest of the night. For those who choose to spend the night at a restaurant, there are many in St. Lawrence Gap and the rest of the island that serve a variety of Caribbean and International dishes as well as authentic Bajan dishes too.

While you are there, sample Cou Cou and Flying Fish which is the national dish of the island. The flying fish is usually fried or steamed and is accompanied by a dish called cou cou which is similar to polenta in that cornmeal is used, boiled and mixed with salt, pepper and ochroes.

For a quick snack while you are on the go, it is hard to resist Bajan Fish Cakes, another staple which can be obtained from vendors on the road. Fish cakes is a tasty blend of codfish with seasonings which takes on the form of a patty which is later fried.