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Speightstown Holidays

Speightstown in Barbados is regarded as one of the more developed towns on the island. Boasting a luxurious marina, a port and several commercial buildings, the Speightstown today is as a result of a long history of struggle and changes.

Speightstown is situated in the St. Peter county which is the north-western parish and the town got its name from William Speight who was a member of the Barbados' first assembly back in the 1700s.

As history would have it, Speightstown was referred as “Little Bristol” because it was the one place that trading took place between Barbados and Bristol, England. Today the port is one of the largest tourist attraction in Barbados as it now boasts of having what only can be called a luxurious marina named Port St. Charles. Near Port St. Charles consist of old colonial type buildings such as Arlington House which can be found on Queen Street and there are also several modern designed restaurants and bars which help to make up part of the impressive architecture here.

Speightstown is in St. Peter's county and this part of Barbados holds many interesting places that you can visit. Transportation is easy to fetch from your hotel or you may prefer to take an island tour on a bus. For the latter, your hotel should be equipped with information pertaining to island tours. Visit Farley Hill National Park, a gorgeous spread of greenery and quite hilly in some instances. Back in the 1800s, Farley Hill was actually the location of one of the most exquisite mansions which was built by Sir Graham Briggs.

The mansion was used in the film “Island in the Sun” in 1957 before it was destroyed by fire in 1965.Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II opened the area as the Farley Hill National Park and since then the location has played host to many events. Families go there to enjoy picnics from which there is a stunning view of the Atlantic with a stunning view of the Atlantic Coast. Farley Hill National Park is also great for weddings and the area fills up quick for the much touted Barbados Jazz Festival.

Also of interest near Speightstown is the Barbados Wildlife Reserve which is a stone's throw away from the Farley Hill National Park. The reserve is the home to many monkeys including the Barbados Green Monkey. It is the one place that the monkey and a few other animals are able to roam around without interruptions.

Things to do in Speightstown

There is a vintage touch to Speightstown that tourists can't help but be intrigued by. On this side of town you can find buildings that have not seen a facelift in years; Georgian-esque storefronts are the norm here. But even so, being untouched just seems to add to the mystique of the quiet town.

peightstown and environs offer many great hotels and accommodation spaces that you can stay in when you get here. There are luxurious hotels which offer swimming pools and spas among other amenities or you can choose to stay at one of the many beach apartments which is like a home away from home with self-contained kitchen in each room and a garden.

Even before you start getting into the activities in Speightstown, you should first experience a few hours at one of the beautiful beaches that are there. One of the more popular beaches around Speightstown is Mullins Beach. Not only is this a great place to sit in the sun and enjoy the warm caress, it is also recommended for water sporting activities with the most popular being jet-skiing. After your swim in the warming waters you can head off to Mannie's Suga Suga, a shop on the beach which you can stop by for some snacks or even to get a beastly cold brew.

Speightstown is a great place to shop simply because it offers a wide variety of stores to choose from. From grocery shops to clothing stores and boutiques and even gift shops, you will find them here within walking distance from each other.

In the downtown area of Speightstown there are several vendors who line the streets plying their trade of fresh fruits and vegetables making it easy for you to get your produce without having to face the lines at the supermarkets. Even if it is your wife's birthday and you forgot to give her a present, the street vendors can definitely save your marriage as they also sell beautiful flowers and plants as well.

When in Speightstown make it a must to see some of the Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean's best artists' work at the Gallery of Caribbean Art. Sculpture and paintings dominate the gallery here filling three rooms and one is always encouraged to purchase some of the pieces that are on sale there. After the art show you can head out to one of the restaurants for a hearty meal in tasteful ambiance.

There is a variety of restaurants to choose from within the Speightstown area and they serve everything from Caribbean food to French, seafood, Japanese/Thai and of course there are a few fast food joints as well. One of the most popular fast-food joints in Barbados is Chafette's, a place that you can go if you want to eat a delicious plate of fish and chips. Chafette's is definitely for those who are trying to dine on a budget.