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Sosua Holidays

Sosua is a small town in the Puerto Plata province and lies approximately four miles from the island's international airport. The town itself divides into roughly three sections: El Batey, Sosua Abajo and Los Charamicos. Of these three, El Batey tends to be the tourist area.

There is a wide range of interests to attract tourists to Sosua. It is firstly rich in history for those who are keen to savour more than just sand, sea and surf. In 1938 about 100,000 Jewish refugees settled here. They were joined by Austrian and German Jewish refugees during the years of the Second World War. The Dominican government generously provided these people with land and resources to be self sufficient, which they were, creating a cheese and dairy factory named Productos Sosua. The factory still exists today as do many descendants of the original settlers. Visitors here can see the beautifully maintained synagogue and absorb the town's rich history in greater detail at the local museum.

Today the town is attractive to tourists for not only its history but also its water activities and vibrant nightlife. The beach is particularly good for water sports enthusiasts as its clear waters lie in a natural harbour shelter, protected from the currents of the Atlantic and as such offer a calm haven of warm, turquoise sea. Snorkelers and divers abound here to enjoy the rich and diverse marine life abundant in the natural coral formations. From January to March the area is popular for whale watching as hundreds of humpback whales gather annually off the coast in one of the world's best known breeding grounds.

Sosua Bay itself is not the only beach available. A little way north of the main beach there are two natural beaches that have only formed in recent years as a result of sand deposits where there were previously sheer cliffs alone. Except for two hotels there is little to spoil the peace of these sandy havens.

If you want to try your hand at fishing there are plenty of opportunities to join with the locals and large ex patriot population in many types of sea fishing adventures.

At night time Abajo and El Batey come to life in style with their many bars and restaurants, clubs and discos to suit all tastes from the more quiet to the traditionally loud, energetic music of the Dominican islands. The food on offer is equally diverse. You will find restaurants offering Mexican, others American, some English, even German and French, not to mention, of course, the traditional Dominican menu to discover. And possibly best of all is the range of sea food, freshly caught and cooked and at very reasonable prices.

Because it is a more densely populated area, you should also be aware of potentials to spoil your holiday experience. You might find yourself pestered at first by peddlers on the beach selling gems and trinkets. Don't be afraid to say no to them and if you do fancy their wares make sure you barter as they are probably overpriced, as are the local taxis. Bear this in mind and your holiday will remain as perfect as the still calm waters of Sosua's beautiful beach.