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Savanna la Mar Holidays

Savannah la Mar is the capital and main town of the Westmoreland parish of Jamaica. This coastal town is mentioned in Bob Dylan's classic Sara; known locally as Savla or even just Sav this town is north west of Kingston and has an unfortunate history of being damaged by hurricanes.

The town has a number of historical attractions. The fort has no real name and has always been known simply as "The Fort", situated at the end of Great George Street it was built in the mid eighteenth century. Half on land and half on the sea the building now houses a restaurant, one of the few places in the world where you can dine in a building whose purpose was once to defend against the real "Pirates of the Caribbean".

The court house was built in 1925 and sits on Norman Square. The building is protected by Jamaican law as a historical monument.

The southern half of Jamaica isn't as tourism orientated as its northern neighbour, in fact some prefer to think of it as the last frontier. Visitors here are looking for more action packed adventures who would rather avoid the regime of a hotel. The southern area moves at a sleepy pace, you won't find duty free stores here. Homes have mosquito nests rather than air conditioning.

In comparison to many other towns in Jamaica "Sav" offers few attractions and is mainly a one street town, most people, in truth, come here and pass through as part of a tour of this part of the island; but the upside of this is that those who really want to sample a non commercial Jamaica can use Sava as a base for exploring the area. Sav has its own local website so all the latest news and information can be found there.

For those who do want to stay in Savannah la Mar the Tansobak Cottage holiday Resort is a good choice. Based in Little Bay this pretty little complex is based right on the waterfront. This isn't an entertainment filled all inclusive, but rather a chance to unwind in beautiful surroundings right by the crystal clear waters. The Cottages are tastefully decorated and have ceiling fans although an air conditioning unit is available at extra charge. The resort offers a seawater "cool down pool", hammocks and loungers for sunbathing and relaxing and mountain bikes for exploring the area. The suites have mini fridges, snorkelling equipment and ladders down the rocky headland for direct access to the sea. For a different view of holidaying on Jamaica this has to be one of the best places to visit. Food is all cooked in Jamaican style and can be served on your own veranda.

The Caves has long been a hideaway for rock stars and lovers and is one of the area's best kept secrets. With only eleven accommodations on offer this really is a hideaway in the sun. The Caves has been quoted as being similar to visiting "A rich relative" rather than staying in a hotel. The Cliffside cottages are a real Bohemian get away, no set meal times and a main house that overhangs the ocean. The property gets it name form the warren of limestone caves in the area, one of which is available for dining. The entrance is a simple wooden gate, no indication of what lies inside. The thatched cottages sit in a flower stone haven of serenity, a real getaway for those who want to have a complete island hideaway.