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Samana Holidays

If you are one of those people who are not sure what they want out of their holiday, Samana could well be the ideal destination for you. It offers a great deal of different experiences to suit all tastes. So even if it is a party of family or friends going on holiday, you will all find much to do to make this a truly special holiday.

This is a truly magical region of the Dominican Republic. It boasts sandy white beaches with crystal clear, blue waters and the tropical mountain views alike. It is no real wonder that the islanders themselves consider the Samana peninsular to be the prettiest part of the island.

You have a wonderful choice between swimming and sunbathing on the gloriously beautiful beaches or exploring the stunning surrounding area. The latter takes you up into mountains of coconut palm covered slopes and on into lush rain forests teeming with wildlife and unusual vegetation. An absolute must for nature lovers and scientist types alike. From the twin capes of Rincon Bay in Las Galeros and Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas you will enjoy staggering views across the bays of Sanchez and Samana, not to mention Los Haiteses National Park with its wildlife and natural waterfalls.

Back on the beach you nature lovers will surely be wanting to break out your snorkelling gear to enjoy the hidden treasures of the abundant coral reef or you could stay dry and join in the whale watching from the beach on one of the many hire boats. The area is one of the world's best known breeding grounds for the humpback whale. Thousands of these magnificent creatures visit every year between January and March to renew their numbers.

Samana is also rich in its music scene, with Dominican music playing out from all its friendly, colourful bars as it is supposed to be played on the island: loud. Before you know it you too will be swaying to the natural rhythms and tapping your feet in time to the energetic beat. Perhaps this could be your perfect way to end your perfect day.

Samana was actually discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 when he was greeted by the native Taino warriors in a volley of shouts and spears. Indeed this is believed to be the first violent show of opposition to the Conquistadors throughout the South and Mid Americas. Today you will only find friendly faces and a warm greeting, but the scenery and swimming remain as spectacular as they did all those centuries ago, unspoilt by the passage of time.

The peninsula truly does offer you a trip back in time to relax and enjoy nature's finest jewels both on land and in the sea. Despite its unparalleled beauty, the region remains one of the least known among locals and tourists alike which means that it truly is a magical slice of heaven in a world that is running crazily all around it. If you look, not too hard, you will even find a sandy alcove beach all of your own.