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Port Kaiser Holidays

Visitors to Jamaica are immediately thrilled by the energy and vibrancy of this Caribbean island. There is a throbbing pulse to Jamaica which seems to fill the air.

The perfect holiday, Jamaica has many small towns and ports such as Port Kaiser to suit all types of visitor. If you love to explore and walk there are a host of places to visit. If you just prefer to lie on a sunny beach then Jamaica is just the place for you. Colourful and hot – these are the words that best sum up Jamaica. Whether you visit the capital Montego Bay or Port Kaiser in the southern parish of Saint Elizabeth, you cannot fail to fall in love with this Caribbean island.

Port Kaiser enjoys year round high temperatures with high humidity, perfect for sun worshippers. Best known for its Sports Club, Port Kaiser knows how to make music as many musicians of note play here. Roads in Jamaica are good and the network has over 21,000 kilometres of roads making the town easily accessible. Driving is on the left although you have to watch out for the occasional goat or chicken who decide to wander into the road.

Spanning over four thousand square miles, the island has a rich history which has led to a huge diversity of cultures. Jamaica was settled firstly by the Spanish and later by the British so its roots are from all around the world. However, the majority of the population are descendants of Africans brought here to work as slaves on the sugar plantations. Chinese, Irish, Scots, Germans, Indians and many other nationalities have influenced Jamaican culture. There is much to offer the visitor including historical monuments, fashionable cities and renaissance beauty.

For amazing seafood visit Alligator Pond not far from Port Kaiser. Fish is served cooked or raw here and the place has a hippy atmosphere. Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the morning fish market. Fishermen who have been out all night bring in their catch at daylight at Port Kaiser pier.

Not far from Port Kaiser there are interesting mountain ranges to explore such as Nassau and Lacovia as well as flat plains where you will see crops growing. When it comes to agriculture Jamaica produces some incredible stuff. Ginger, coffee, pimento, cassava and sweet potatoes all grow here because of the wonderful climate. Goats, pigs, cattle and horses can be seen on the small farms that are dotted around the island.

There is rain but it is short lived by way of tropical storms. One minute the rain is thundering down and two minutes later the sun is shining brightly and the pavements are dry again. There is a rainy season in May and June and from September to November.

Jamaica has embraced tourism and you will find a warm welcome here. Smiles are bright in Jamaica and colours seem more vibrant than anywhere else you will have ever been. This is the perfect island for a beach holiday as the sand is white and the water bright blue. Jamaica extends a warm greeting to visitors from the world over and it is the sort of place to which you will want to return time and time and time again. After all, one million visitors per year cannot be wrong!