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Oistins Holidays

If you are looking for Oistins on a Barbados map, you can guide your finger to the Christ Church parish area. Oistins is a very sleepy fishing village, evidence of the fishing activities are represented by the boats that you see on the shore as well as the fishing nets. Oistins is also the home to a well-known fish market where residents from far and wide visit to get some of the best in freshly caught fish.

The story about how Oistins got its name is indeed a funny one. Oistins is actually how the Barbados accent translates when they say the word “Austin's”. Who is Austin? As the story goes, Austin was a notorious man who was known as a landowner among other things. The association between “Austin” and “Oistins” was never revealed, although there is speculation that he owned land in Oistins as well.

In and around Oistins is filled with many historic places, museums and castles that would intrigue and mystify you. A visit to Oistins would not be complete without a trip to the Christ Church Parish Church which has been around for many years. Outside of a providing a place for worship, the church was the prior location for the Chase family's vault which stored the coffins of their loved ones. Back in the 1800s it is said that the coffins move around whenever the vault door was opened for burial of a member. So bizarre was this occurrence that the coffins were eventually moved to a burial ground.

Not too far away in Bridgetown is the George Washington House. Formerly called the Bush Hill House, the house was rented by George Washington back in 1751 when he visited Barbados with his ailing brother. Since then the house has been preserved and is being restored by the Barbados National Trust. It has been transformed into a museum of some sorts as the house has been recreated to look exactly the way it did when George Washington visited. Still in Bridgetown are the Government buildings that occupy Trafalgar Square. The parliament buildings is about the oldest set of buildings that you would see on this street standing tall among the modern architecture which surrounds it. The buildings were constructed back in the 1800s and they still resonate a neo-gothic style and stained glass on the windows. If you lose track of time while in the Bridgetown city, you can always rely on the clock tower which has been around since 1886.

Things to do in Oistins

You would be beside yourself when you visit Oistins, Barbados. Usually a very sleepy fishing village, there is something about Friday nights here; Oistins Fish Fry is a very noteworthy event on any holiday planner.

When you get to Oistins, you can stay in a hotel or apartment. No matter which one you choose, the aesthetics of the place and amenities are well worth the money you would be paying to stay. Most of these holiday homes and hotels offer use of the swimming pool, include a restaurant, laundry rooms etc.

Life is a beach, or so they say when you are in Barbados. Proof of this is the large crowds that you would encounter on the beaches there on any given day, they consist of those who are either there for a swim or to return to their country with an even suntan. There are also those who visit the beaches to indulge in water sports which include surfing, jet-skiing, diving and windsurfing. Which would be your reason to visit? Miami Beach is one of the more popular beaches in Oistins and it is the place where one can easily rent everything from beach umbrellas to boogie boards and even beach chairs to further enjoy the beach.

Miami Beach is also a great place for a picnic and even if you visit the beach without preparing a meal, there are several vendors there who sell snacks which include hot-dogs and even the traditional Barbados meal called Fish Cakes. There are benches which are positioned under a large tree for shade where you can eat, relax or just fraternise with some of the natives there. For the sea-shell collection, there are many that you can retrieve from this beach especially when the tides bring them to shore.

Continue to take advantage of the beautiful blue beaches of Oistins and environs by viewing the beautiful scenery from atop a Catamaran cruise ship. This cruise has won rave reviews from past visitors who described the time spent on the ship as one of the best vacation spots that they have visited. When you board the cruise ship you get to be a part of exciting activities including a chance to swim with sea turtles when you go snorkelling. As you snorkel you would also get the opportunity to see a wide variety of tropical fish and coral as well. Drinks and food are also part of this fun-filled boating package.

Fridays and Saturdays are not complete without a visit to the Oistins Fish Fry Festival. This festival gives you the perfect opportunity to sample traditional Bajan food at its best as you would see vendors lined up in stalls to sell different versions of fish meals. Added to the atmosphere is good music and there are also souvenir craft items that are sold at this location as well. Fried fish is usually very popular at the Festival but one can also enjoy some other yummy dishes including sweet potato, macaroni pie, cou cou and fried fish and even barbecued chicken.