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Mamora Bay Holidays

On the south eastern coast of Antigua lies Mamora Bay. Formed over a rocky ridge the bay is in an idyllic setting surrounded by cascading green mountainside and white sandy beaches. Mamora bay is part of the Antiguan parish of St Paul, which has only just under eight thousand residents. The bay is also home to an important Indian Village which is the source of the area's unique pottery. Each piece of pottery has two broad lines on it or a design said to be that of a Frog. The Amerindian Village was only discovered in the 1960s. Sadly many hotels have now been built on land that was part of the original site, but enough remains to afford a glimpse into the village's history. Rich in cultural history Mamora Bay is well worth a visit during your stay in Antigua.

There are five hotels in the Mamora Bay area, but the bay itself is rather dominated by the St James Club resort which sits right on the water's edge and surrounding hills, covering one hundred acres. This all inclusive resort is well established and has a very high reputation. There are rooms ranging from basic to suites and even independent villas, but all are furnished and serviced to the highest standards. This is an enclosed complex so the guests are totally safe and have no need to carry anything around with them as all they need to remember is their name and room number!

There are three different restaurants on site, tennis courts and only residents of the hotel can be on the main stretch of beach at Mamora Bay. The hotel offers child care facilities and the bay's calm waters are ideal swimming for youngsters. Also there are no motorised watersports on the bay so the waters remain undisturbed as does the peace of the surroundings. The hotel also caters for wedding parties and packages.

Watersports are available along the beach, including kayaking and wind surfing. The waters of Mamora Bay are completely calm in the morning, but a rising wind makes it an ideal spot for watersports in the afternoon. Mamora Bay is also ideal for snorkelling as the rocky edges of the bay make an ideal spot for fish watching.

The resort also has its own dive club, a fairly new concept it offers divers the chance to explore the many reefs and wrecks that lie just off shore. As with all the dive centres in the Caribbean a full range of courses is available, from beginner to experienced. Prices start from around seventy five US dollars a day.

This is not the place for those who want nightlife, crowded bars and non stop entertainment. Mamora Bay is looking for a more laid back type of tourist. With the film set surroundings and the total tranquility of the bay itself the scenery and ambience provide the entertainment; here you can relax, recharge your batteries and appreciate some of the best views in the Caribbean.