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Luperon Holidays

Luperón is a small town situated on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is a small and pleasant place and quite laid back since it does not have a lot of tourists. The main trade in the area comes from fishing and the harbour provides shelter for fishing boats, sailing boats and larger vessels.

The town is quite isolated and sheltered and the nearest airport is the Gregorio Luperón International. Car hire is available at the airport, local buses or 'guaguas' are cheap and easy, or you can catch a taxi into Luperón.

Luperón beach is well protected given its bay location. It provides visitors with clear waters great for swimming in, white sands and plenty of shade from the numerous palm trees. Most of the hotel resorts centre around this beautiful beach. There are some souvenir stands located near the beach and other gift shops in the village.

Nightlife is based in the hotel resorts, which offer restaurants and evening entertainment. There are some local restaurants which offer authentic food and local specialities.

Twelve miles away from Luperón is La Isabella National Park, where the first Spanish settlement was built before the Spaniards had conquered the rest of the continent. You can see the remains of some of the buildings and discover the history of the Americas in the museum where artefacts from the days of the New World discoveries can be seen.

Since the town is quite close to the city of Puerto Plata, it's within easy reach to go there on a day trip. Here there are museums to explore, a rum factory to tour, a shopping centre where you can buy gifts, souvenirs and necessities and also a cable car which takes you to the city's botanical gardens.

Just outside Puerto Plata is Ocean World Park. This is a zoo and marine park that features a dolphin lagoon, an aquarium you can swim in, a shark interaction pool, sea lion encounters and safari and bird sanctuaries. It's an excellent place to get up close and personal with some exotic sea creatures and interesting land mammals.

There are various activities around Luperón itself. Since the town is on the coast one of the main attractions is diving and snorkelling, exploring underwater caves and reefs. You can also try windsurfing, kayaking and canoeing and there are deep-sea fishing trips or sailing trips you can go on since lots of boats are moored in the sheltered marina.

There are many tracks and trails in the area making horse riding a popular activity. You can head along the coast to see breathtaking scenery, or if you prefer your own two legs you can hike inland through the tropical rainforests and experience the beauty of the countryside.

Luperón is ideally located for those wishing to be close to a beach and the countryside. It is a quiet town and perfect for those who want to have a relaxing holiday. Puerto Plata is the nearest city and it has everything else you might need.