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Falmouth Holidays

The old colonial city of Falmouth lies on the north coast of Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea, not far from Montego Bay. Europeans, Africans and Asians have all shaped Jamaica making it into the multicultural island it is today. With its many traditions and customs, Jamaica is a paradise surrounded by water. Sparkling sea, brilliant white sand and smiling people have turned Jamaica into one of the world's top tourist attractions. Colourful, vibrant and happy are words that best describe this most unique of islands.

Falmouth used to be one of Jamaica's busiest ports, home to planters, mariners and tavern keepers, it was a wealthy town with a racial mix when sugar was the island's primary export. Now the town is still surrounded by sugar plantations and is visited by many tourists.

Falmouth's best attraction is the Luminous Lagoon at Glistening Waters. Surrounded by mangrove swamps, the lagoon is home to microscopic organisms which emit luminous light when disturbed. Trips leave at dusk and it is amazing to see the water glow when poked with a stick. Anyone who wants to can swim in the waters here too. Glistening Waters Marina has a nightclub and restaurant and tourists can watch the bioluminescent show whilst enjoying dinner.

Falmouth has a good mix of restaurants and bars. Fresh fish is always on the menu here and fishermen bring in their catch at first light. Jamaican Rum is still popular and the ever famous Jamaican jerk chicken is a must for any party. Brown sugar is a favourite sweetener for any dish as it is still grown on the island. The weather of the island is conducive to eating out of doors and is one of the great pleasures of life in Jamaica.

Jamaica has a surprising number of old buildings, many in the Colonial style and there is some splendid Georgian architecture too. The parish Church in Falmouth was built in 1795 and is the oldest public building in the city and one of the largest Anglican churches in Jamaica. It is well worth a visit to see the two galleries, one to the north and one to the west.

Car hire is easily available on the island. It can be booked via the internet before your holiday or you can hire cars at the island's airports and main towns. It is a great way to see the sights as driving is on the left and there are a great many hidden attractions which the tourist rarely sees. Just beware that animals such as chickens and goats tend to wander the roads here although this all adds to the atmosphere of this incredible island. There is an excellent road network, however and places are easily reached.

Fun and enjoyment are embedded in island culture. It may be the weather here that has just made this the most fabulous place to feel happy and want to dance. Dancing plays a huge part in Jamaican life. As a means of entertainment or sheer enjoyment, the ability to dance is essential to the people of the island. To experience the island of Jamaica is to dance with its people.