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Codrington Holidays

Codrington is the largest town on Barbuda and gets it name from the family that was awarded land here at the time of the British Colonisation of the island. A small town with not many more than a few thousand inhabitants it was once dominated by a castle that was built by the family but this was devastated by an earthquake in the eighteen hundreds. Remnants of the family's history can still be seen at their home, Highland House, which offers an insight into the island's rather troubled past. The Codringtons used Barbuda as a "slave nursery" to feed the sugar plantations on Antigua; the first slave rebellion happened here in 1741, in which the slaves killed several cattle and absented themselves from work. The rebellion became known as the "Beach Rebellion" as the slaves were rebelling against the cruel tyranny of the slave master Thomas Beach.

The other main attraction in Codrington is the Frigate Bird Sanctuary based in the mangrove swamps of Codrington Lagoon. The lagoon takes up much of Barbuda's actual land mass and visits to the nesting grounds can only be made by boat. Tickets can be bought at the wharfside, but booking in advance is advisable for the day tripper. These amazing flightless birds have an eight foot wingspan and during the mating months of September put on a colourful display so don't forget your camera.

The majority of Barbuda's population live in and around Codrington so there is a real feel of true Caribbean life that hasn't changed too much over the years.

The Two Foot Bay caves are nearby, These caves were carved out of the Limestone by the crashing waves and were once the home of the natives of the island. The walls still have traces of the artwork and touring these natural historical monuments is one of the best things you can do in Barbuda, but you will need to organise transport to get there.

Hotels on Barbuda are limited and most are centred around the little town of Codrington. There are also a few private guesthouses which offer an alternative to the standard all inclusive package that is predominant in this part of the Caribbean. The beaches in the area offer the usual range of watersports and snorkelling, diving on Barbuda's many wrecks and reefs as well as kayaking. Beachcombing the pink and white sands is a time honoured way of getting exercise alongside Barbuda's shores. The Lighthouse Bay Resort is a gem of a place to stay, as with only nine rooms the hotel offers that "desert island" feel to its guests whilst still providing all the amenities of a class resort. An all inclusive resort you won't need to wander too far away to get all you need but have the stunning beach right on your doorstep.

Codrington is s small town so don't expect to find any sort of nightlife other than the odd local bar or the facilities in your hotel, but if you want to see life in the Caribbean as it is for the locals and sample their hospitality then take a visit.