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Codrington Lagoon Holidays

Much of the western side of the island of Barbuda is made up by this large shallow lagoon; much of its northern shore is made up of marshland which makes it a popular nesting place for the Frigate Bird. The bird colony nest on the lagoon's little Man O'War island. This is a forty minute boat ride across the lagoon and is a superb thing to see even for those of us who are non bird enthusiasts. The birds lay one egg and build their nests on the mangrove tree, they cannot walk or swim and can only fly.

The bird soars high into the sky and feeds by stealing fish from neighbouring birds. These incredible birds have an eight foot wingspan but have a body that only weighs three pounds. The mating season begins in September when you can view the colourful display that the male outs on while looking for a mate This is one of the world's most important sites for this endangered species and the Frigate Bird Sanctuary is one of Barbuda's main tourist attractions. Because of its popularity it is recommended that the tour is booked at least a day in advance. You can purchase tickets at the wharf but it is advisable to book the tour through your hotel, or this trip may be included on some day trips form Antigua.

Codrington Lagoon is also a perfect destination for fishermen, as the waters of the lake have excellent fishing on its outskirts. Large tarpon and ten pounder can be caught here. All fishing on Barbuda can only be done by boat, so if you want to fish the lagoon check out a local tour operator and get yourself onto a trip, or hire a boat for the day.

Barbuda is a small island and the lagoon is nearly as long as the island itself. Most of the local inhabitants live near its shores in Codrington itself. If you wish to stay in this part of Barbuda there are thee hotels near the lagoon. The Lighthouse Bay Resort faces the sea and is based in Codrington Village. One of the main attractions of this hotel is the fact that it offers a 360 degree view of the ocean being bordered by the Caribbean on one side and the Atlantic on the other. This light and spacious hotel offers a luxurious place to unwind on Barbuda.

Most visitors to Barbuda say that the Frigate Bird colony is a "must see" as the birds are a spectacular site in person. Bear in mind that visits to the colony are boat rides only as there is no walking at the other end as the mangroves are barricaded off to protect the birds. You won't find typical tourist attractions such as ice cream stalls and souvenir shops around Codrington Lagoon - it is, as is the rest of Barbuda, devoted to preserving the natural beauty of this island. But if you wish to spend a day enjoying the Caribbean in its natural environment and watching one of nature's most unique sights, then the lagoon is not to be missed.