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Buccoo Reef Holidays

Just a few miles from Pigeon Point in Trinidad’s sister island of Tobago is the breathtaking stunning marine life called The Buccoo Reef. Rated by famed explorer Jacques Cousteau as the third most spectacular reef in the world, The Buccoo Reef is the closest you would get to paradise. Tobago is a laid-back country especially when you compare it to the fast-paced lifestyle that can be enjoyed over in Trinidad which is 15-20 minutes away by boat or plane.

Having The Buccoo Reef as an added attraction in peaceful Tobago you know that you have the perfect elixir for relaxation. The Buccoo Reef has been around for close to 50 years and even today tourists who visit the island are still intrigued by what The Buccoo Reef has to offer. The Buccoo Reef is a marine park reserve which occupies close to 7 miles of space which comprises of five reefs and also a shallow lagoon.

The Bon Accord lagoon is also here and one can find all species of corals here and staghorns as well as seagrass and macroalgae. In order to view this natural beauty at The Buccoo Reef there are daily organised tours where you can see the fascinating underwater world through a glass bottom boat.

This is the recommend angle for which to properly view most of the reef. However if you wish to snorkel, snorkeling gear would be provided to you but keep in mind that your snorkeling time would be restricted; you are only given limited time to navigate in the water this way. Since The Buccoo Reef is considered a natural wonder, one can be criminally penalised for destroying any part of the reef. One isn’t allowed to walk on or even touch a coral whether it is dead or alive nor are you allowed to touch anything else from the reef.

After visiting The Buccoo Reef the tour usually continues along to The Nylon Pool which is located behind The Buccoo Reef. The Nylon Pool is also another big attraction in Tobago and this phenomenon got its name from Princess Margaret back in 1962 while she was on holiday there. So intrigued was Princess Margaret by the colour of The Nylon Pool that she referred to it as a “crazy blue that it is almost nylon” and the name stuck.

The Nylon Pool continues to charm and entice visitors with its aqua-blue body of water which reaches you at your waistline when you stand in it. The pool also boasts of having really gorgeous coral white sand. The natives here would tell you that a dip into The Nylon Pool would definitely rejuvenate the soul. But don’t take their word for it; take the plunge yourself to experience it.

Things to do in the Buccoo Reef

The Buccoo Reef Marine Reserve oozes with the best that underwater life has to offer; its many species of corals and fore-reef slopes continue to mesmerise visitors on a large scale each year. And while most come to get a glimpse of the colourful natural wonder that has been around for over 50 years, they also visit so as to enjoy all the other exciting things that are happening closeby. When you are in Tobago near the Buccoo Reef, you are never too far away from one of the immaculate beaches that are here.

The beach is the ideal place for surfing and windsurfing and indulging in other water sporting activities that you may fancy. And if you are an early bird and decide to visit the beach before sunrise, you would get there just in time to see the fishermen hard at work as they bring in their nets filled with fish that they spent all morning catching. Hotels and guesthouses are also close by to The Buccoo Reef and they feature most modern amenities such as pool access, live entertainment, restaurants and bars and great service.

The weather in Tobago is predominantly sunny but you can expect a few rainy spells during the wet season. If you wish to do shopping here there are several shops and a shopping centre or two where you can purchase everything from clothing to jewelry, fragrances etc. There are a lot of shops on the island that sells authentic island clothing as they feature a lot of batiks and bold coloured flower prints to even leather and fabric sandals that have been made by hand. There is also a lot of crafty jewellery that you can purchase on the island which utilizes natural materials such as leather, beads and buttons as well. And you would never run out of souvenir items as there are quite a lot here that you can purchase.

Also near the Buccoo Reef are fruit and vegetable stalls and huts where you can purchase a cold beverage or enjoy a snack. Tobago’s social calendar is filled with several festivals including Carnival and the Heritage Festival to name a few and events such as the annual boat race and open-air jazz festival. The Heritage Festival in particular exposes all to the island’s traditions as it pertains to food and culture. Festivals such as these and other events that take place here definitely make up for the absence of a vibrant night-life here. Without these events you may well find yourself heading to bed by 9am for the latest; the place is pretty much like a ghost town except the odd occasion when they have what is called “Sunday School” back-in-times type parties.