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Bridgetown Holidays

Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados, the city where you can find just about everything including duty free shopping at its best as well as it also the home of Barbados International Airport. In Bridgetown there is also a port which sees several cruise ships which pass there while on tour of the Caribbean. The area of the port is called Careenage and apart from playing host to visiting ships there are also many art galleries, boutiques, even restaurants and bars. as well as the International airport.

If you want to rent a car to get around while in Barbados, you will find a wide variety of car rental companies with really good rates. However if you would prefer to see the island for a mere $1.50, then you can do so on board a ZR bus which is very accessible everywhere about Bridgetown that you go.

There is definitely a hustle and bustle in Bridgetown; it is one of the busiest cities that you would find in Barbados. And when it comes to sight-seeing, there is indeed a vast amount of places that you can visit.

Start off your Bridgetown tour by visiting the Barbados Museum. The museum is history in itself in that it was once a military prison. The museum is opened seven days a week and one can get a glimpse of what Barbados was like centuries ago when it people from other countries inhabited the island. You also get information on the beginning of slavery in Barbados as well as a peep into how the Bajan culture emerged after being under the British rule for years.

Exhibits help to tell the story of the island's formative years and there is even a centre for children which provides historic information to the children in a way that they can understand.

For nature lovers you can visit the Wildlife Reserve in the St. Peters Parish of the island and see why it is popular with tourists. This nature reserve offers you the opportunity to view the animals in their natural habitat in a cage and fence free environment. Here you can see birds, lizards of all kinds, deer and even monkeys.

For the best in flora and fauna there is Orchid World, a large garden which is situated on over six acres of land. On this former pig farm there is no limit to the amount of colours of orchids that are there. A great place to host weddings, Orchid Gardens also captures the many life stages of the orchid.

Things to do in Bridgetown

If you are contemplating on visiting Bridgetown, Barbados for your next holiday with the family, it is time away from home that you would definitely enjoy. In Bridgetown, there are many historical landmarks and Government offices. You can also get a lot of duty free shopping done in Bridgetown which strikes a great balance. Both Broad Street and Swan Street in Bridgetown is where you would want to go to get incredible discounts on clothing, shoes and jewellery. On these streets you will also find Caribbean music CDs in the Calypso and Reggae music genres. For souvenir items take a walk down Constitution Bridge where you would encounter several vendors selling handmade jewellery crafted out of shells and beads.

Elsewhere in Bridgetown you can get involved in a series of sporting activities and events. You can always find a football or cricket game going on where the excitement is always contagious. Golfing is also quite popular in Barbados and one of the more popular courses can be found in Christ Church at the Barbados Golf Club. Not only can you expect to find 18 holes of fun here but the scenery and views are forces to be reckoned with.

Hit the beach after a good golf game; there are many to choose from and they are all very pristine and exceptionally gorgeous beaches for every member of the family to enjoy. Most of the beaches in Barbados boast of having very white sand that is ethereal to say the least, the ebb and flow is a gentle one which makes it safe for you to take your children with you. Sandy Beach should be your preferred spot for visiting the beach with kids as not only are there picnic tables available but the water is indeed very calm and shallow enough for the children to swim around in safely.

More than just a great place to go swimming for hours, the beach is also a perfect diving spot as well as for snorkeling. Divers would thoroughly enjoy the view of sunken ships as they plunge underwater. They would also see an array of barracudas, sea turtles and tropical fish as well. Next, make it a must to try some good Bajan food which run the gamut of seafood that comprise of King Fish, snapper, shellfish and shrimp followed by the cornmeal and okra combination called cou-cou. The food available here will win you over in seconds; its creole flavourings is what gets you every time. Take your palate on the wild side by enjoying some grilled pigtails, oxtail stew or even fried conch, dishes that are much tastier than they actually sound.

The mild weather throughout the year is ideal for some night time fun and you can find an abundance of that in Bridgetown and environs. Aimed to suit every varied entertainment taste and style, you can choose from jazz clubs to nightclubs for the young and the young at heart. You can visit one club where you would hear nothing but the latest R&B and dance songs and visit another for strictly reggae and calypso music.